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End of GE Europe

Granado Espada (Europe) will be closing its servers on August 01, 2013. See Interruption of Service. Their Face Book says:

It is with deep regret that we have to inform you, that we will no longer service Granado Espada Resurrection for Europe. Our team thanks all of you for being such a great community.
But there is also good news. Our friends at T3Fun will open their doors now to European fans as well and welcome all new players with a special event which will help you to level up faster.

Not really surprising. Their website and forum seems horribly lacking in updates. The publisher (RNTS) just lacks the interest to promote the game. Ironically, the private server Rogue GE seems to be more alive than it.

The Devil Is A Part-Timer!, Episode 12

Granado Espada (Europe) was launched on Jan 25, 2013. (See GE Europe Launched.) This makes it the shortest lived server to date, closing in 6 months. Since they linked to T3Fun's Road To Master event, there probably won't be a database transfer; players would have to restart to acquire new masters.


Vallamaria said…
Wow... that really is extremely short lived. Also, from the looks of their forum I wonder if they ever had that many people playing there to begin with.
kalel said…
Good news!

Short version of the PR release:
Granado Espada Official European Service will be re-launched by EuroGamez GmbH.

EuroGamez said that they will launch the English version very soon and the German version and French version will be followed early of next year.

The Teaser site will be opened early of November. We'll keep you updated.

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