[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

[NA] Bristia 2 Update v18.85.13

T3Fun has updated the game servers to v18.85.13. See Patch Notes - July 24, 2013 for details. New features include:
This update introduces the new field boss - Breeze, which drops Elite Bristia Weapon recipes. However, the drop rate seems rather low. You can see some players bitching about getting only White Gold Bars on several Japanese blogs, e.g. 新レイドBOSSブリーズはオワコン! and 【グラナドエスパダ】新MAP ブリーズ討伐 レベル150クリア.

For Liung's bonus stat points, see ロンの攻撃力比べてみた for comparison of STR vs. INT.

[SG] QA Testing v19.23.40
IAH Staff Tokki is recruiting for QA Testers for Singapore server's upcoming update here:
We are proud to inform you that v19.23.40 Brestia season 2 is coming your way and this will be one of the biggest patch ever! New continent, New stances, characters, raids, dungeons and more!
That is a huge patch. I wonder if IAHGames will lock selected content again like they did for a few updates previously.

Bristia Season 2 Blog Header
Replaced the blog header with a new one for Bristia Season 2. All character renders are by RyanReos.