Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Play Time Event: Evil Rod/Shotgun Costumes

[NA] Play Time Event 7: Evil Rod/Shotgun Costumes
T3Fun has started another monthly playtime event. Until July 21, you can get 1 point for 10 minutes spent in-game. Evil Rod Costume and Evil Shotgun Costume costs 1,000 points each.

In addition, until July 17, Spy Olivia and some AR34 weapons are available in Lyndon Box.

[TW] City Defence Battle Event
Until July 24, players may talk to event NPC to start an event mission 1/day, which involves defending home colony and Adriana, as well as destroying enemy colony. There are 3 levels of difficulty. The highest level reward includes:
  • Recipe - Enhanced Will of Argus
  • Hope of Argus
  • Recipe - Enhanced Garim Belt
  • Garim Belt
  • Elite Le Noir/General Plate
  • Enchantment Chip Veteran/Expert
  • Red/Black Lollipop
  • Growth Stone
  • Shiny Crystal Chest
  • First Class Spider Steak
The web game 光之武器第十彈-雷德的光之標槍、珮歐的光之權杖 includes AR34 weapons, Angel Staff Costume, Indigo 9 Rifle/Pistol Costumes, [Soul Bringer] stance book, Elite Dignite Armor (DR31), etc. Bonus rewards are 10 Enchant Tranquilizers (100 times) and Pyrite Bangle (200 times).

[KR] Mission Attendance Event
Until July 31, do a daily quest from Reboldoeux Notice Board (NPC) to get Expert G EXP Card, Training Card G (Event), or Melee/Magic/Shooting Enhancement Ampule (Event). There will also be bonus attendance rewards - J.D costume (14 days), Grandies costume (21 days), and some real-life items for perfect attendance. See also the notice - [이벤트] 출석 미션 이벤트 오픈.

In addition, Character Package - Sorang is available in cash shop until July 11. The package includes recipes for Prosper Knuckles and Prosper Leg-Guard (AR33).


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Costume screenshots - Grandies and J.D.