Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Update Preview - Bristia Final

IMC has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 브리스티아 Final.

Meanwhile, there is also a cash shop package for Pioneer Queen Grandma, which includes a new Recipe - Prosper Slayer (ATK 458, AR 33 great sword). See [안내] 캐릭터 패키지 - 개척왕 그랑마 판매 안내 for package details. For more weapon screenshots, see 프로스페 슬레이어 착용 샷 and 프로스페 7강.훗.

1. Bristia Scenario 2-3 Final (v19.15.44)
You must have completed Bristia Scenario 2-2. Marchetti made an unexpected move. Sub-quests for Grace and J.D. At the end of the quests, you will get a freaking medal.

2. New Character - Kess (v19.15.44)
You must complete Bristia Scenario 2-3 (above) to recruit Kess (aka Caisse). He starts at Lv.100 and wears musketeer coat. Kess has access to [Flintlock], [Punisher], and his unique [Heavy Stinger] stances.

[Heavy Stinger] uses a new weapon type - large caliber rifle heavy rifle, which uses armor-piercing rounds full metal shell as ammo. The stance reduces movement speed and has fixed ATK Speed (200), which does not change with equipment or consumed items. He can gain an [Overheating] buff that has a chance to ignore armor. After 100 attacks, he needs to cool down for 30 seconds (no skill usable). Some area skills involved grenades.

He can also buff up attacks, which stack with Grace's [Marksmanship].

See Korean Screen Board - character statistics, [Heavy Stinger] stance, and damage test on Demonic Necroshaman. See also Blue Moon Waltz - Kess and [Heavy Stinger] stance.

3. Tigres Camp B10F (v19.15.44)
Added 7th to 10th floors of Tigres Camp. You can get the key in lower floors. Renauld (aka Renolde) took fashion tips from Soho, and went topless...

See Korean Screen Board - Renolde's Room.

4. New Items (v19.15.44)
Added 6 new items to Tigres Camp - Renauld's Pride/Madness/etc. These 6 types of items increase each of the 6 statistic scores of a character permanently. Each character may increase up to a maximum of 5 points. The increased amount may be viewed in character UI.

A special medal is also available after killing the last boss of Tigres Camp.

5. Frontier Return Event
Families above level 20 and have not login for 90 days get a special buff for returning to the game. There is also some bonus with Bounty Hunters' missions.

6. Misc.
Skill ranges will be displayed. New costumes for J.D and Grandies.