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Lyndon Box: Valeria Vendetta & Rose Spirit

[NA] Lyndon Box: Valeria Vendetta
T3Fun's Lyndon Box (June 13-26) introduces Valeria Vendetta and the Aristocrat Weapons (AR 34). Compare this with IAHGames' Lyndon Box last month which also features Valeria Vendetta. The Aristocrat Weapons were first released in Japan's Imperial Wheel web games. See Web Games category for details.

After reverting to version 5370, T3Fun updates X-Trap again to 9000. So once again, the process throttle does not work anymore. See previous post about this issue here.

[TW] Lyndon Box: Rose Spirit
WAYI's Lyndon Box (June 13-26) features Rose Spirit and Little Princess Costume Set for Kano.