[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

[NA] v18.56.36 Update

T3Fun has updated the game server to v18.56.36. X-Trap has been reverted to 5370. See Patch Note - June 19, 2013. New "features" also include:
  • [Link] Selected bayonets/special rod bug
  • [Link] Arctic Wolf pet not buffing
  • [Link] Clique/Legion War buff bug
This is getting annoying. My old gear still have blank enchantments after 6 months since transfer, and now they bugged out my bayonets too...

Update: Well, some bugs are fixed with an emergency maintenance within 2 days. Good, at least T3Fun is responsive. See Patch Note - June 21, 2013.

[Event] Open the Legendary Coin Box!
This event lasts until July 03, 2013. According to GE Online Face Book:

Get the chance to get 34AR Evil weapon, 33AR Angel weapon, 30~33DR Armor, the more you fight monsters! Each monster has the chance to drop a Golden Coin, an item you can exchange at Valeria Vendetta NPC at Reboldoeux for the Legendary Coin Box.

SHARE THIS POST and get the chance to win a Valeria Vendetta Character Card.

The weapon/armor box drop rate seems rather low though. Most rewards seem to be Status Ampules, EXP Cards, or Scan Map scrolls. See Official Gold Coins Drop Thread.