[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

GEO Unofficial Fix

This is an UNOFFICIAL fix for some client-sided problems/eyesores currently encountered in Granado Espada Online, dated Feb 18, 2013. This is a temporary measure for players who are interested in some quick fixes while waiting for an official patch. It is the responsibility of T3Fun to hound IMC for official fixes fast. (It may be difficult to be caught between demanding players and developers, but it is their job. If you take the money, then it is your responsibility.) But so far, they only managed 0 to 1 minor fix per week...

Black Tiger buff currently prompts an error popup window. This is the result of a missing script. Added in the buff tip script, so the error window will no longer spam the screen.

Also fixed model/texture errors for Revenant (Event) back costumes and Silver Striker pistol.

Some (not all) text were also fixed for spelling, grammar, consistency, and weird phrasing. A few other miscellaneous cosmetic stuffs were also changed.

Please download the latest version. Official patches may invalidate these fixes, I will update them whenever I'm free to do so. 
Note: For Lost Enchantment Issue, please use the official item names (and not the customized names) in your tickets.

Do NOT post them on the official game forums. This is not an official fix and therefore should not be promoted or circulated there. It is meant only for players who are fed up with waiting for official patches to the listed problems/issues. Really, anything unofficial should not be in the official forums, including sound effect files from other game versions.

Set Up Instructions
You must close the game client first. Simply extract both dictionary.ipf and shared.ipf into Granado Espada\ge folder. You are advised to back up the original files before replacing. To revert, simply replace the files with the back-up originals.


jstk said…
Thanks a lot for that fix! I was already messing around with the game files but had no idea what was causing the annoying tiger message.

Something strange happened with your files. Apparently, the glows for Lv 100 weapons (black dragon, demon slayer, etc) became different than before. Is this intended?
Ashardalon said…
Yes, I changed the glows for Lv.100 elites. So Elite Black Dragon has a different glow from non-elite Black Dragon. Pls read readme.txt file inside the zip file.
TD3 said…
This doesn't work anymore.
Hyrenapth said…
can someone tell me how to change the text files from the game? I really want to fix all texts as much as possible please!!

I want to fix dialogues, fix the tex from weapons, from UI, from everything!
Vallamaria said…
You can't change the text files Hyrenapth. They're server sided not client sided.