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G1 Weapon Boxes

G1 has released 5 series of weapon boxes. These random boxes were available in the Cash Shop for 250 Gold each. They replaced the web games in other localizations (e.g. Imperial Wheel, Helena's Circus of Fate).

I have always saw a resemblance of these gamble boxes/web-games to Fritz Leiber's Bazaar of the Bizarre, where "alien merchants magically mesmerise customers into buying high priced merchandise that is actually worthless trash". Some players however seemed to like them...

Although customized for G1, these boxes have been transferred to T3Fun server as well. I have compiled a list as G1 has deleted the Sword 2 forums. See G1 Costume Boxes for a list of costume box counterparts.

Image from A Certain Magical Index episode 01.

Idge's Chest series (July 06, 2010 - Feb 22, 2011) first introduced weapons into cash shop boxes, starting with the Special Lv.92 Elite (AR30) series, then followed by Dragon (AR32) series.
  1. [Link] - Elite Magnum (pistol), Katana (sabre)
  2. [Link] - Silver Skullic Bracer (skullic bracelet), Crystal Shooter (rifle)
  3. [Link] - Frozen Swordfish (javelin), Nodachi (great sword)
  4. [Link] - Silver Striker (pistol), Small Frozen Swordfish (dagger)
  5. [Link] - Star Knuckle, Frozen Swordfish Cannon
  6. [Link] - Elegant Rose (rapier), Rainbow Shield 
  7. [Link] - Dragon's Fury Sword (great sword), Toy Hammer (blunt), Naginata (polearm)
  8. [Link] - Dragon's Bones Rapier, Elemental Bracelet, Elite Magical Broomstick (rod)
  9. [Link] - Dragon's Wings Dagger, Crystal Shotgun, Silver Striker (pistol)
  10. [Link] - Dragon's Heart Shield, Frozen Swordfish (javelin), Small Frozen Swordfish (dagger)

Raiden's Box of Rage series (May 09 - Sep 13, 2011) also included Constellation Symbols and Veteran Enchantment Chips. It introduced the first AR33 weapon (Kurenai) into the boxes.
  1. [Link] - Dragon's Fang Hammer (blunt), Sakura Cane (special rod)
  2. [Link] - Kurenai (great sword), Elegant Rose (rapier)
  3. [Link] - Dragon's Magica Staff, Nodachi (great sword)
  4. [Link] - Dragon's Wings Blade (sword), Silver Skullic Bracer (skullic bracelet)
  5. [Link] - Dragon's Fury Javelin, Elite Magnum (pistol)
  6. [Link] - Dragon's Lumiere Rod, Katana (sabre)
  7. [Link] - Dragon's Fury Rifle, Elemental Bracelet
  8. [Link] - Dragon's Eye Bracelet (elemental bracelet), Crystal Shotgun
  9. [Link] - Dragon's Fury Pistol, Star Knuckle
  10. [Link] - Dragon's Fury Spear (polearm), Crystal Shooter (rifle)

Raiden's Angel series (Sep 26, 2011 - Feb 01, 2012) first introduced Angel Weapons (AR33). They also included Pieces of Naraka, Veteran Enchantment Chips, and Constellation Symbol Box. 
  1. [Link] - Angel Ezekiel's Zweihander (great sword), Dragon's Fury Crossbow
  2. [Link] - Angel Guriel's Gaiters, Dragon's Fury Shotgun
  3. [Link] - Angel Azriel's Wand (special rod), Dragon's Scales Sabre
  4. [Link] - Angel Camael's Crossbow, Dragon's Eye Bracelet (elemental bracelet)
  5. [Link] - Angel Raziel's Revolver (pistol), Dragon's Fang Hammer (blunt)
  6. [Link] - Angel Ramiel's Rapier, Dragon's Magica Staff
  7. [Link] - Angel Uriel's Bracelet (elemental bracelet), Dragon's Fury Sword (great sword)
  8. [Link] - Angel Michael's Sword, Dragon's Fury Pistol
  9. [Link] - Angel Raquel's Rifle, Dragon's Fury Rifle
  10. [Link] - Angel Rizoel's Rod, Dragon's Wings Blade (sword)

Raiden's Dominion series (Feb 15 - June 19, 2012) first introduced Jewel Weapons (AR33). They also included Pieces of Naraka, Expert Enchantment Chips, and Constellation Symbol Box.
  1. [Link] - Le Eclat de la Topaze (shotgun), Angel Gabriel's Sabre, Dragon's Lumiere Rod
  2. [Link] - Le Talent de la Perle (rod), Angel Cassiel's Cannon, Dragon's Heart Shield
  3. [Link] - La Flamme de L'amour du Rubis (fire bracelet), Angel Moroni's Mace (blunt), Dragon's Fury Spear (polearm)
  4. [Link] - La Consideration de la Cornaline (lute), Angel Samuel's Shotgun, Dragon's Bones Rapier
  5. [Link] - L'amelioration du Spinel (sword), Angel Raphael's Staff, Dragon's Wings Dagger
  6. [Link] - La Sublimite du Lazuli du Lapiz (pistol), Angel Karael's Knuckle, Dragon's Fury Javelin
  7. [Link] - La Purete de L'aigue-marine (ice bracelet), Angel Jael's Javelin, Dragon's Fury Shotgun
  8. [Link] - Le Caractere Agressif du Jaspe (rapier), Angel Baruchiel's Bayonet, Dragon's Fury Crossbow
  9. [Link] - L'activite de L'agate (cannon), Angel Harachel's Halberd (polearm), Dragon's Fury Rifle
  10. [Link] - Le Perfection du Diamant (great sword), Angel Douma's Dagger, Dragon's Eye Bracelet (elemental bracelet)

Raiden's Defiance series (Aug 14 - Dec 21, 2012) first introduced Arcana Weapons (AR33). They also included Lacquer +5/+6: Master, Pieces of Naraka, and Expert Enchantment Chips.
  1. [Link] - The Revolver of Justice (pistol), Esperez de la Tourmaline (lightning bracelet), Angel Israfel's Lute
  2. [Link] - The Scythe of Death (polearm), La Mystere d'obsidienne (blunt), Angel Ezekiel's Zweihander (great sword)
  3. [Link] - The Hammer of Judgment (blunt), L'eveiller de L'amethyste (staff), Angel Uriel's Bracelet (elemental bracelet)
  4. [Link] - The Rod of Hermit, Le Patience du Jade (javelin), Angel Raziel's Revolver (pistol)
  5. [Link] - The Sword of Fool, La Concentration du Saphir (rifle), Angel Camael's Crossbow
  6. [Link] - The Rifle of Hierophant (bayonet), La Ravissement du Emeraude (elemental bracelet), Angel Ramiel's Rapier
  7. [Link] - The Bracelet of Empress (elemental bracelet), La Defie du Peridot (sabre), Angel Michael's Blade (sword)
  8. [Link] - The Sword of Strength (great sword), La Nature du Grenat (knuckle), Angel Azriel's Wand (special rod)
  9. [Link] - The Legguard of Hanged Man (gaiters), La Precision du Malachite (polearm), Angel Raquel's Rifle
  10. [Link] - The Sabre of Devil, L'harmonie de la Pierre de la Lune (dagger), Angel Rizoel's Rod