[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

End of GE Indonesia

After 2 years, LYTO has decided not to renew the contract with IMC for Granado Espada (Indonesia). The game service will be terminated on March 04, 2013. See Penutupan Layanan Granado Espada Online Indonesia for details.

There is some sort of character migration to RF Online, so basically you go from Baroque muskets and pistols to mecha and nuclear weapons! I have difficulty accessing their forums, but you can try to find out more here. LYTO redirected their persistent GE fans to T3Fun instead.

One of the special "features" was LYTO engaging actress/model Asmirandah Zetman to feature as Miss Granado Espada as part of their promotion campaign when the game launched its Open Beta in Jan 19, 2011.

You may download an archived collection of the wallpapers (1280 x 1024) below.

[Download GE Asmirandah Wallpapers]


Erenzglenz said…
You want to know what happen with GE player Indonesian?
GE Player disrespect by lytogame with revision item RF they now just give
1 set Intense item no upgrade which is worth zero.
Im my self have expense for this game 100$ money To Buy IM. And This they gave to me after 2 year, such dissapointment. (sry foe Bad English)