G1 Costume Boxes

G1 has released 7 series of weapon boxes. These random boxes were available in the Cash Shop for 250 Gold each. They replaced the web games in other localizations (e.g. Imperial Wheel, Helena's Circus of Fate).

Although customized for G1, these boxes have been transferred to T3Fun server as well. I have compiled a list as G1 has deleted the Sword 2 forums. See G1 Weapon Boxes for a list of weapon box counterparts.

Image from So, I Can't Play H? episode 12.

Andre's Portmanteau & Karja's Portmanteau series (Nov 24, 2009 - May 26, 2010) are the first costume boxes to be introduced. They have no weapon box counterpart.
  1. [Link] - Blue Samurai (Fig), Red Samurai (Fig), Queen's Seal
  2. [Link] - Rose Camellia (F/Fig), White Vent (Grace), Red/Blue/Black Samurai Helm (Fig)
  3. [Link] - Blackness Rose (M/Wiz), Cronian Nephthys (F/Sco)
  4. [Link] - Zephyrandes (M/Fig), Clivia Sprite (F/Mus)
  5. [Link] - Goldentail Magius (M/Ele), Veronica Qipao (F/Wiz)
  6. [Link] - Cronian Thanatos (M/Sco), Nana Artozeia (F/Ele)
  7. [Link] - Spit Cleanthes (M/Mus), Calienalbino (Wiz)
  8. [Link] - Pierrenoente (Fig), Pierrenoente Hat (Fig), Camarylis (Mus), Milky Bob (Grace)
  9. [Link] - Inviardeco (Sco), Scratch Hair (M/Ele), Geniaruleano (Ele), Wave Perm (M/Wiz), Gilded Shaggy (M/Fig)

Andre's Wardrobe series (July 06, 2010 - Feb 22, 2011) also included Lv.92 Elite Armors.
  1. [Link] - Mabro Metis (M-Wiz), Olga Patricia (M-Ele), Gilded Wolf Hair (Lorch)
  2. [Link] - Rose Patricia (F-Ele), Rosacamille (Claire), Mabro Metis Hat (M-Wiz)
  3. [Link] - Schneweis (Romina), Arcanero Plate (Fig), Olga Patricia Hat (M-Ele)
  4. [Link] - Mabro Peira Costume (F-Wiz), Blaue Spiel Costume (Rio), Rosa Patricia Hat (F-Ele)
  5. [Link] - Clarcana Costume (Sco), Black Wisteria Costume (Calyce), Mabro Peira Hat (F-Wiz)
  6. [Link] - Torosmata Ren (M-Sco), Iris Chipao Costume (Soso), Blaue Spiel Hat (Rio)
  7. [Link] - Veronica Chipao Costume (F-Wiz), Camaryllis Hat (Mus), Torozvah Ell Costume (F-Sco), Slender Kloria Costume (F-Wiz)
  8. [Link] - Camarylis Costume (Mus), Calienalbino Crown (F-Wiz), Iberis Costume (Brunie), Ruidestencia Costume (Ele)
  9. [Link] - Pierrenoente Costume (Fig), Shaggy Bobcut (F-Sco), Variltorta Costume (Mus), Deinclian Costume (Wiz)
  10. [Link] - Cilvia Sprite Costume (F-Mus), Natural Half Hair (Romina), Slendor Pecao Costume (M-Wiz), Primavella Costume (Emilia/ETS)

Quinzel's Surprise series (May 09 - Sep 13, 2011) also included Lv.96 Elite Armors, Constellation Symbols, and Dragon Heart Recipes.
  1. [Link] - Caeromia (Ania), Wild Blare Hair (Nar), Agiolegion (M-Fig), Rose Patricia (F-Ele)
  2. [Link] - Blue Serpent (M-Wiz), Pretty Short Hair (Claire), Geniaruleano (Ele), Clarcana (Sco)
  3. [Link] - Caerunis (Nar), Wild Tale Hair (Ania), Calienalbino (Wiz), Variltorta (Mus)
  4. [Link] - ???
  5. [Link] - Lavender (Selva), Wild Back Hair (Nar), Asupplegion (F-Fig), Mabro Metis (M-Wiz)
  6. [Link] - Figure Skate (F-Fig), Blue Serpent Hat (F-Wiz), Torosmata Ren (M-Sco), Colchicum (Lisa)
  7. [Link] - Blue Serpent (F-Wiz), Lavender Hat (Selva), Schwarseiz (Romina), Kronian Thanatos (M-Sco)
  8. [Link] - La Fleur Ecarlate (F-Ele), Cattleya Hair (Helena), Blackness Rose (M-Wiz), Blaue Spiel (Rio)
  9. [Link] - Cattleya (Helena), Ixia Hat (Grace), Iris Chipao (Soso), Zepirantes (M-Fig)
  10. [Link] - Ixia (Grace), Lord Eye Patch (Grandma), Freesia (Viki), Kronian Nephthys (F-Sco)

Quinzel's Penderie series (Sep 26, 2011 - Feb 01, 2012) also included Lv.96 Elite Armors, Dragon Heart, Symbol of Naraka, and Constellation Symbol Box. 
  1. [Link] - Blue Serpent  (M-Mus), Violeita Hat (Crazy Emilia), Caerunis (Nar), Rose Camellia (F-Fig)
  2. [Link] - Violeita (Crazy Emilia), Bristian Colonel Cut (Eduardo), Caeromia (Ania), Clivia Sprite (F-Mus)
  3. [Link] - Blue Serpent (F-Sco), Pigeonne Hair (Valeria), Phshi Rastere (F-Mus), Arcanero Plate (Fig)
  4. [Link] - Bristian Colonel (Eduardo), Trifolium Hat (Romina), Blue Serpent (M-Wiz), Split Clianthes (M-Mus) 
  5. [Link] - Blue Serpent (M-Fig), Le Lion Noble Mask (Baek Ho), Figure Skate (F-Fig), Jade Phraxi (M-Sco)
  6. [Link] - Pigeonne (Valeria), Wave Pony Tail (F-Fig), Lavender (Selva), Goldentail Magius (M-Ele)
  7. [Link] - Le Sagittaire Optimiste (Grace), Belle De Jour Hair (Torsche), Ixia (Grace), Blae Rastere (M-Mus)
  8. [Link] - Trifolium (Romina), Les Cheveux D'eclatant Beaut Hair (F-Ele), Cattleya (Helena), Nana Artozeia (F-Ele)
  9. [Link] - Blue Serpent (M-Sco), Capitaine Hair (M-Wiz), La Fleur Ecarlate (F-Ele), Iberis (Brunie)
  10. [Link] - Le Lion Noble (Baek Ho), La Sensation Amicale Hair (Catherine STR/DEX/INT), Blue Serpent (F-Wiz), Veronica Chipao (F-Wiz) 

Quinzel's Legacy series (Feb 15 - June 19, 2012) first introduced weapon costumes. They also included Lv.96 Elite Armors, Dragon Heart, Symbol of Naraka, and Constellation Symbol Box.
  1. [Link] - The Inexorability of Ventuamos (sabre), Derange Sorian (Claire), Blue Serpent (M-Mus), Capitaine Lunette Eyeglass (M-Wiz)
  2. [Link] - The Intuition of Terhea (javelin), Gaura (Karjalain), Violeita (Crazy Emilia), Variltorta Hat (Mus)
  3. [Link] - The Repress of Spirica (staff), Blue Serpent (F-Fig), Bristian Colonel (Eduardo), Ruidestencia Hat (Ele)
  4. [Link] - The Loyalty of Terhea (sword), Gloriosa (Baek Ho), Blue Serpent (F-Sco), Deinclian Hat (Wiz)
  5. [Link] - The Disaster of Aquichtus (shotgun), Blue Serpent (M-Ele), Pigeonne (Valeria), Unbalanced Hair (Selva)
  6. [Link] - The Silence of Ignisia (polearm), Lord Plate (Grandma), Blue Serpent (M-Fig), Black Pearl Hat (Adelina)
  7. [Link] - The Protection of Terhea (blunt), Blue Serpent (F-Mus), Le Sagittaire Optimiste (Grace), Le Sagittaire Optimiste Hair (Grace)
  8. [Link] - The Lamentation of Aquichtus (lute), Dark Buffalo (Selva), Trifolium (Romina), Agiolegion Hat (M-Fig)
  9. [Link] - The Secret of Aquichtus (dagger), Capitaine (M-Ele), Blue Serpent (M-Sco), Ble Rastere Hat (M-Mus)
  10. [Link] - The Philosophy of Ventuamos (rapier), La Chevre Cornue Fidele (Gracia), Le Lion Noble (Baek Ho), Wave Long Tail (F-Ele)

Quinzel's Reverentia series (Aug 14 - Dec 21, 2012) also included Lv.96 Elite Armors, Symbol of Naraka, and Expert Enchantment Chips. They first introduced Blue Serpent Armors (DR31) from Box #5 onwards.
  1. [Link] - War of Hero (Claude), Gaura (Karjalain), Figure Skate (F-Fig), More Young Wig (Claude)
  2. [Link] - Black Pearl (Adelina), Derange Sorian (Claire), Bristian Colonel (Eduardo), Black Veil (Calyce)
  3. [Link] - Blue Serpent Plate (M-Fig), La Chevre Cornue Fidele (Garcia), Slender Peaco (M-Wiz), One Eyed Glass (Rio)
  4. [Link] - Capitaine (M-Mus), Dark Buffalo (Selva), Jade Phraxi (M-Sco), Capitaine Hair (M-Mus)
  5. [Link] - Linaria (Summoner Catherine), Linaria Hat (Summoner Catherine), Capitaine (M-Ele), Mabro Piera (F-Wiz)
  6. [Link] - Angelica (Brunie), Angelica Hat (Brunie), Blue Serpent (F-Mus), Olga Patricia (M-Ele)
  7. [Link] - Blue Serpent Plate (F-Fig), Gloriosa (Baek Ho), Violeita (Crazy Emilia), Capitaine Hair (M-Ele)
  8. [Link] - La Sensation Amicale (Catherine STR/DEX/INT), Cineraria (Emilia/ETS), Blue Serpent (M-Ele), La Chevre Cornue Fidele Hair (Garcia)
  9. [Link] - Capitaine (M-Fig), Capitaine Hair (M-Fig), Lord Plate (Grandma), Blue Serpent (F-Fig)
  10. [Link] - Raid Phraxi (F-Sco), Inviardeco (Sco), Blue Serpent (F-Sco), Bristian Noble Hat (Garcia)