Bug News & Lucky Shop

So far, the transfer to T3Fun has featured quite a few prominent bugs.
  • Equipment in inventory and vault lost all their enchantments.
  • Cannot employ mercenary characters. See forum topic here.
  • Assorted problems for family names with various symbols.
Concerning these, Ramiel said the following here:

Regarding the gear and family name issue we are still waiting for the results from the other data base, please be patient. [...] we need the data from that server "we want the whole and complete data base" [...]

no estimated time yet, we are still waiting for the update from the other data base, once we received the data all errors will be fixed at the mean time extend your patience even us are extending like a quarter mile already..

about the faction and merc our dev team are working on it, for the other concerns our gms are checking them to verify for any issues

Meanwhile, they fixed Yellow Tiger hatch bug, and "old" Lisa error popup window. (I think "old" Lisa refers to the character created with the custom card in K2 promotional box...) See Feb 20, 2013 Patch Note.

For the maintenance patch, the following files were updated:
  • animation.ipf - monster_icewolf
  • dictionary.ipf  - I used ExamDiff to do a comparison on dictionary_local.xml between before and after maintenance, but there is no difference...
  • ies.ipf - data tables for buff, pet, shop, commanderevent, usa\job, usa\item_consume.
  • ui.ipf - buff_tip.scp, game.scp

Lucky Shop Debut!
T3Fun has introduced the new Lucky Shop casino web game. The debut runs from Feb 20 to Feb 27, 2013. Each roulette spin costs 490 T-Coins. For comparison, +5 Impervium: Expert costs 495 T-Coins, and 20 Enhancement Boosters cost 710 T-Coins.

The featured prizes are [Cadet Elisa] Character Card, [Soul Bringer] Stance Book, [Punisher] Stance Book, [Innocentio] Stance Book, Evil Slayer Costume (great sword), Evil Ice Bracelet Costume, and various new costumes (see below). Bonus (random) prizes for every 100 purchases include Yr'light Crossbow, Evil Crossbow Costume, and various Ralph's costumes.


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Why Hello adelina treasure booty