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Scharffen Berger Chocolate was a Berkeley, California-based chocolate maker, founded in 1996 by sparkling wine maker John Scharffenberger and physician Robert Steinberg. Scharffen Berger is currently produced by Artisan Confections Company, a subsidiary of The Hershey Company.

The company was a manufacturer of chocolate — as opposed to the far more common chocolatiers, who make their products using chocolate acquired from wholesalers and manufacturers — the first American company founded in the past 50 years to make chocolate "from bean to bar". Scharffen Berger primarily produced chocolate bars, using small-batch processing and focusing on dark chocolate varieties with high cocoa solid content.

See Scharffen Berger for the official website of the chocolate company.

The stats in the screenshot are for an event version of the raid boss. See Vergo the Cursed for actual raid information. (Vergo is the localized name used in GE-SG. Scharffenberger is the actual default name.) For the instanced raid, see Mission - Federigo.