Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

[GE-China] Mid-Autumn Events

GE-China is having some events for mid-autumn. See 赏中秋明月迎新版降临 九月劲爆活动登场 for more details and screenshots.

Login For Freebies
Login during Sep 09-19, 2010 and get free items, such as special potions, Pet Food, Veteran EXP Cards, Gold Archangel's Wings, etc.

Cash Shop Promotion
Buy selected cash shop items and get free Veteran EXP Cards.

Web Game: Deprodine Weapons
Added Deprodine Sword, (LOE) Bracelet, Bayonet, and Staff. These weapons have been modified to being Expert Exclusive, but still have ATK Rating 34.

Upgrade Promotion
If you successfully upgrade the same item 5 times, you can select one to be automatically upgraded to the next level. For e.g., upgrade 5 Serpent Rifles to +5, and select one of them to become +6 for free. This promotion does not apply to Deprodine Weapons and all +9/+10 items.

Sierra & Princess Gabriela Character Cards
These 2 character cards are given away to players who meet certain requirements. To get Sierra card, you must have two +8 Constellation Weapons with ATK Rating +3 and two +8 Elite Le Noir with DEF Rating +2 or +3. To get Princess Gabriela card, you must have a +9 Constellation Weapon with ATK Rating +3 and a +9 Elite Le Noir with DEF Rating +2 or +3. An item used to qualify for one card cannot be used to qualify for another card.

These 2 characters currently have no stance available, so they are mainly for bragging rights.


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