[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

S2 Renaissance Delayed

Sword 2: Renaissance (v5.0.3) will be delayed, tentatively to around mid-November.

Due to a major issue with the translations we are postponing the launch of Renaissance. Right now we don't have the final release date but it appears to be closer to the first few weeks of November (around the 17th or 18th).

[...] We are currently working to create a number of fun things in the mean time and try to focus on gearing up for Renaissance including some fun GM Events and Promotions as well as a potential PvP Tournament.

Also it is important to note that Renaissance's schedule will not effect the Sword 2: Dominus web game we've been plunking away at. We still intend to release that as scheduled so you'll be able to experience that prior to the launch of Renaissance. [Source]

[Sword 2] DNS Downtime Compensation
Everyone who logged in during August 01-11, 2010 will receive the following free items (injected over the next 2 weeks):
  • 5 Secret Area Passes
  • 3 Premium Wing Coupons
  • 5 Quarters Slot Permits
  • 5 Ethereal Treasure Chests