[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

GE-China R.I.P.

[GE-CN] Game Service Termination
After running for 3 years, The9 has announced that they will be closing Granado Espada 《卓越之剑》 for China region. The reason cited was contractual issues with the Korean developers. Account activation and top-up will be disabled on Sept 22, 2010. The game service will cease operation on November 21, 2010. See the official announcement 第九城市关于合约到期终止运营《卓越之剑》的公告 for details.

[GE-TW] Server Merge
Taiwan GE just had a server merge last week on Sept 15, 2010. Accounts on Achilles (阿基里斯) server have been merged into Baroque (巴洛克) server. See New World Migration Plan for details.


Balbaseda said…
Epic Fail!!!!!! chGE players loose their account.... Sad... :(