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[GE-KR] v6.0 Preview

GE-Korea has released a new preview article - 그라나도 에스파다 - 6.0 업데이트 미리보.

1. New City: Byron
The story continues from Otite of Wind update. After leaving Dr. Torsche, pioneers found that Ortega was being pursued (by Montoro?). Byron is under the jurisdiction of Vespanola, so New World pioneers will receive few welcomes. To move to Byron via Ricardo, you must have family level 20+ and completed Holy Water Chamber quest and Catherine Torsche's recruitment quest.

There will be several new quests added, including "Black & White" quest in which you have to make certain decisions on which path to take to complete the quest. There are also something involving Alejandro and Adelina.

2. New Fields
Several new fields will become available - Red Sunset Forest (Lv.110-115), Misty Forest (Lv.106-125), and Raven Forest (Lv.115-125). Castle Byron can be accessed from Raven Forest in the future. The mobs drop several crafting materials, which are also used for Byron quest.

3. Byron Field Mission
A new raid mission for 5-30 players have been added. It can be attempted once per week. The goal is to defeat 12 monsters, resulting in roulette rewards. The lobby can be opened from NPC Guard.

4. New Character: Raven
A new character will be added. To recruit Raven, you must have completed the recruitment quests for Garcia and Catherine Torsche.

Raven's personal skill Trigger is unique in having dual aspects. Encounter Trigger increases melee damage and accuracy, while Hit-N-Run Trigger increases fire damage and critical. You can switch between the two types of Trigger by using the personal skill a second time clicking on the buff icon.

Raven has a unique rapier+pistol stance named Croisement (끄로즈망), which is said to introduce new elements into PvP. His other stances include Aiming Shot, Freestyle Shot, Sight Shot, Rapiere, and more. See Screen Board: Croisement for the new stance/skill screenshots and video.

Raven has STR 70, AGI 70, CON 60, DEX 70, INT 30, and CHA 30. See character creation screenshot at the Korean Screen Board: Character Creation & Quest.

5. New Items
Byron fields drop new items, such as assorted Pieces of Naraka and Letizia Shiny Box.

There are 7 types of Pieces of Naraka. Each type drops on a different day. Bringing them to the alchemist NPC (after completing certain new quests) will create a Symbol of Naraka, which will be used as a crafting material at a later date.

Letizia Shiny Box can be opened with Shiny Key. When the box is opened, there will be a private roulette, and the item will be added to inventory. The items include various cash shop items, jewels, and pet items.

6. New Costumes
Added Blue Serpent Plate costume (fig) and Flamme Blanche costume (m/mus) to Magic Circle IX. Flamme Blanche costume was previously released in Imperial Wheel: Feb 2010.

7. Next Update Preview
Raven's stance will be revised further, as well as the raid mission. A new dungeon will be added.

G1-Neume said Sword 2 is planning for v6.0 in early 2011:

We are planning to get this update (6.0) early next year. Byron is an interesting city and how it plays out is interesting as well. I'll be honest, I'm not too sure how it will fit into the story but at the moment I would bet that it will have something to do with the King. [Source]

Another GM Tip article was released a couple of weeks ago - [레이드/미션] [GM Tip] 죽음의 땅, 최강의 보스 스올!! - which is about Land of the Dead Raid. It is pretty similar to the article by IAHGames on [v4.5 Feature] Los Toldos Raid. So, I will just point one difference...

In the Korean article, Sheol also drops Greek Croma (DR 33) recipes, in addition to everything else.