Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for Feb 25-Mar 01, 2013. The top prize now comes as a set of items - weapon, armor, stance book, rings, weapon costume, etc. - instead of just one weapon. Other prizes include Greek Croma, Nero Croma, Pet Box (Black Dragon), Enhanced Accessories (e.g. Enhanced Will of Argus), etc.

Magic Book of Wilbur
Tome • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 325
ATK +10% vs. All Races, ATK Speed +10%, Penetration +5, Max SP +15%
First released in Imperial Wheel S: Oct 2012.

Crescent of Rayleigh
Encyclopedia • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 510
ATK +10% vs. All Races, Penetration +5, ATK Speed +10%, Accuracy +10

Accuracy of Graham
Javelin • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 295
ATK +10% vs. All Races, Penetration +5, ATK Speed +10%, Critical +10

Theory of Lawrence
Encyclopedia • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 338
ATK +10% vs. All Races, Penetration +3, Block +10

Black Cobra Costume Set
Body Costume + Hat • Barrel

Ice Bangle of Meyer
Ice Bracelet • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 295
ATK +10% vs. All Races, Magic Penetration +5, ATK Speed +10%, Max SP +15%
First released in Imperial Wheel S: Nov 2012.

G1 has released 7 series of weapon boxes. These random boxes were available in the Cash Shop for 250 Gold each. They replaced the web games in other localizations (e.g. Imperial Wheel, Helena's Circus of Fate).

Although customized for G1, these boxes have been transferred to T3Fun server as well. I have compiled a list as G1 has deleted the Sword 2 forums. See G1 Weapon Boxes for a list of weapon box counterparts.

Image from So, I Can't Play H? episode 12.

G1 has released 5 series of weapon boxes. These random boxes were available in the Cash Shop for 250 Gold each. They replaced the web games in other localizations (e.g. Imperial Wheel, Helena's Circus of Fate).

I have always saw a resemblance of these gamble boxes/web-games to Fritz Leiber's Bazaar of the Bizarre, where "alien merchants magically mesmerise customers into buying high priced merchandise that is actually worthless trash". Some players however seemed to like them...

Although customized for G1, these boxes have been transferred to T3Fun server as well. I have compiled a list as G1 has deleted the Sword 2 forums. See G1 Costume Boxes for a list of costume box counterparts.

Image from A Certain Magical Index episode 01.

So far, the transfer to T3Fun has featured quite a few prominent bugs.

  • Equipment in inventory and vault lost all their enchantments.
  • Cannot employ mercenary characters. See forum topic here.
  • Assorted problems for family names with various symbols.
Concerning these, Ramiel said the following here:

Regarding the gear and family name issue we are still waiting for the results from the other data base, please be patient. [...] we need the data from that server "we want the whole and complete data base" [...]

no estimated time yet, we are still waiting for the update from the other data base, once we received the data all errors will be fixed at the mean time extend your patience even us are extending like a quarter mile already..

about the faction and merc our dev team are working on it, for the other concerns our gms are checking them to verify for any issues

Meanwhile, they fixed Yellow Tiger hatch bug, and "old" Lisa error popup window. (I think "old" Lisa refers to the character created with the custom card in K2 promotional box...) See Feb 20, 2013 Patch Note.

For the maintenance patch, the following files were updated:
  • animation.ipf - monster_icewolf
  • dictionary.ipf  - I used ExamDiff to do a comparison on dictionary_local.xml between before and after maintenance, but there is no difference...
  • ies.ipf - data tables for buff, pet, shop, commanderevent, usa\job, usa\item_consume.
  • ui.ipf - buff_tip.scp, game.scp

Lucky Shop Debut!
T3Fun has introduced the new Lucky Shop casino web game. The debut runs from Feb 20 to Feb 27, 2013. Each roulette spin costs 490 T-Coins. For comparison, +5 Impervium: Expert costs 495 T-Coins, and 20 Enhancement Boosters cost 710 T-Coins.

The featured prizes are [Cadet Elisa] Character Card, [Soul Bringer] Stance Book, [Punisher] Stance Book, [Innocentio] Stance Book, Evil Slayer Costume (great sword), Evil Ice Bracelet Costume, and various new costumes (see below). Bonus (random) prizes for every 100 purchases include Yr'light Crossbow, Evil Crossbow Costume, and various Ralph's costumes.

After 2 years, LYTO has decided not to renew the contract with IMC for Granado Espada (Indonesia). The game service will be terminated on March 04, 2013. See Penutupan Layanan Granado Espada Online Indonesia for details.

There is some sort of character migration to RF Online, so basically you go from Baroque muskets and pistols to mecha and nuclear weapons! I have difficulty accessing their forums, but you can try to find out more here. LYTO redirected their persistent GE fans to T3Fun instead.

One of the special "features" was LYTO engaging actress/model Asmirandah Zetman to feature as Miss Granado Espada as part of their promotion campaign when the game launched its Open Beta in Jan 19, 2011.

You may download an archived collection of the wallpapers (1280 x 1024) below.

[Download GE Asmirandah Wallpapers]

This is an UNOFFICIAL fix for some client-sided problems/eyesores currently encountered in Granado Espada Online, dated Feb 18, 2013. This is a temporary measure for players who are interested in some quick fixes while waiting for an official patch. It is the responsibility of T3Fun to hound IMC for official fixes fast. (It may be difficult to be caught between demanding players and developers, but it is their job. If you take the money, then it is your responsibility.) But so far, they only managed 0 to 1 minor fix per week...

Black Tiger buff currently prompts an error popup window. This is the result of a missing script. Added in the buff tip script, so the error window will no longer spam the screen.

Also fixed model/texture errors for Revenant (Event) back costumes and Silver Striker pistol.

Some (not all) text were also fixed for spelling, grammar, consistency, and weird phrasing. A few other miscellaneous cosmetic stuffs were also changed.

Please download the latest version. Official patches may invalidate these fixes, I will update them whenever I'm free to do so. 
Note: For Lost Enchantment Issue, please use the official item names (and not the customized names) in your tickets.

Do NOT post them on the official game forums. This is not an official fix and therefore should not be promoted or circulated there. It is meant only for players who are fed up with waiting for official patches to the listed problems/issues. Really, anything unofficial should not be in the official forums, including sound effect files from other game versions.

Set Up Instructions
You must close the game client first. Simply extract both dictionary.ipf and shared.ipf into Granado Espada\ge folder. You are advised to back up the original files before replacing. To revert, simply replace the files with the back-up originals.

For basic introduction on the pioneering system, see Pioneer Merchants. These missions are required to promote to a higher rank. A high rank increase the daily point limit, and unlock more items in the shops (provided your Favor Rate is also high enough).

Rascel (aka Racel) has been released via events for both Singapore and North America servers.

[NA] Playtime Event for Rascel (Feb 05-20, 2013)
Accumulate 600 event points to get [Rascel] Character Card. You get 1 point per 10 minutes of being in-game. So that is 100 hours of AFK... There were some problems with the time tracking [Source], but it was fixed on Feb 13 [Source].

[SG] Anxious Rascel (Feb 07-Mar 07, 2013)
Talk to Rascel in Kielce for a daily random quest. Complete it 25 times to get [Rascel] Character Card. This is similar to the event for Taiwan servers during July 2012 (see 支援前線). The main complaint seems to be that you can only miss 3 (28-25) days before being disqualified from getting the character. See forum discussion here.

[NA/SG] Valentine's Day Event
Talk to Marie every day to start an event mission. Simply run all the way to the left end of the map without getting hit too often. The reward is 10 Failed Chocolates (HP/SP regen potion). Recommended to use Emilia (MCC1) to buff [Accelerate] and fly over using [Darkness] stance. The event lasts until Feb 20 (NA) or Feb 21 (SG). See Marie Needs A Valentine and Feb 06, 2013 Patch Notes.

Version 10.7.0 introduced 4 new weekly missions - Trinity Elemental Force, Endless Greed, Joaquin Basement Passage, and Road of Avernus. See Missions for a list of raid missions.

Mission Information
Location: Prison de Joaquin Torture Chamber (C4)
Frequency: 1/week
Entry Cost: 1 Key [Joaquin Basement Passage] and 5,000 reputation points
Participants: 1-12
Duration: 60 minutes