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Black Skin has been updated to a new version. Go to 블랙스킨 V2.1 and click on the top-right link (or click here) to download the .zip file. Extract all files into Granado Espada\release\user\skin folder. Tick Enable User Skin in GE Config window, and restart game client.

Other versions of Black Skin - Warwolf76 Black Skin • Revised Black Skin • Black Skin v2


See 블랙스킨V2.1 재수정판 for v2.1.4 Black Skin instead.

New update for Black Skin v2.1.5.

i don't download link skin ?

Due to kGE website redesign, you need to replace "post_key" with "postkey" in the old URL.

v2.1.5 -

New version was updated. Check this page:)