Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

Magic Circle 22 (Korea) has been released, available from Oct 27 to Nov 24, 2011. Other featured items include Cruz Character Card, 100 Ring Boxes, 50 Socket Fluxes, 3 Rose Wings Coupons (90 days), Pet Box (Capybara) + 200 Pet Food, and Advanced Home Premium Service (15 days).

Le Verseau De La Liberte • Body Costume + Hat • Vincent Rio
Le Belier De La Passion • Body Costume + Hair • Eduardo

I was expecting something new... Both costume sets were previously released in Imperial Wheel (Japan) last year. Disappointing. See the links above for previous Imperial Wheel releases.

I guess the really new thing in this month's Magic Circle is Cruz Character Card. If you have paid attention to NPC in-game, you will remember him as the guy in Castilla Garrison 1, who offers to help you "cheat" Castilla Episode 1 quests. He will become available in v9.13.0.

The main article to look at is the PlayForum article - 크루즈 - 근접 캐릭터 대역습의 선봉장 (Korean), which also compares him to Asoka and includes embedded videos. The article considers him to be designed for PVP. I'm not interested enough to do a full translation, so I will just put some basic information about him below. See also Cruze 克魯茲 (Chinese) and [Test server] 新 NPC 간략 정보 : 크루즈 (Korean).

Cruz has the following stats: STR 80 • AGI 20 • CON 70 • DEX 30 • INT 60 • CHA 40. He starts at Lv.60. He can wear both fighter and scout leather armors. His personal skill [Fast Move] consumes 3 Ancient Star Orbs to grant Movement Speed +75%, Shooting Damage -20%, Magic Damage +20%, ATK Rating +1 for 21 seconds at Lv.11.

Cruz has an unique sword+sword [Furious] expert stance. Normal attacks consist of 5 hit splash on 5 targets. His skills have 15-30 seconds cool-down time, with a self-buff which grants ATK Rating +1. For more details, see 크루즈 - 근접 캐릭터 대역습의 선봉장 (Korean), [Stance] Furious (English) or [Expert] Furious 狂怒莫敵 (Chinese).

Basically, he is Mr. Slow for having AGI 20. As Mr. Recycled Animations, he gets a team buff with Ms. Recycled Animations (Asoka), granting ATK Rating +1 and DEF Rating +1. You can also find more discussions and video links about him at New RNPC Cruze + Stance (IAHGames).

There is also a wedding dress costume available for female fighter in the Dressing Room (Korea). It is not officially released yet. (This is not part of this month's Magic Circle.) See 여파 웨딩드레스. I will expect more wedding costumes for other basic characters soon... It will be hilarious if there is one for Andre.