[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Sword 161: Ogre's Long Sword

There is nothing much to report lately, since we are mostly AFK after running a couple of missions. Ryuk (Kurt) reached Expert Lv.7 and Empedocles (m/ele) reached Lv.100, while passively collecting more Ancient Runes. Since last week, Thelandira (f/mus) started bringing a low-level character along to Errac, and now we start to see a few others doing it too...

Anyway, we finished the collection of the first rune set, and are working on the next set. But looking at the market prices of cash items now, it just seems exorbitant. In fact, we still haven't finish upgrading Dragon's Fury Crossbow from 2 weeks ago. Even if we are to craft the Constellation Weapons, it will take some time to process for them to be fully functional.

We got Symbol of Cancer out of 2 Team Arena missions. Everything else is crap as usual... Honor Cards, Tokens, ASO Box, what have you... We looted Ogre's Long Sword Recipe in Errac Tierra Noche, and got Claude to craft the great sword, since we really got nothing to show as picture this week. It came out with a lame +2 and 1S.

The Devourers have introduced 2 new boxes in the Bazaar (250 Gold each) - Quinzel's Penderie & Raiden's Angel II. Quinzel's Penderie II includes Violeita Costume (Crazy Emilia), Bristian Colonel Cut Hair (Eduardo), Caeromia Costume (Ania), Clivia Sprite Costume (f/mus), etc. Raiden's Angel II includes Angel Guriel's Gaiters (AR33), Dragon's Fury Shotgun (AR32), Piece of Naraka - Beel, etc. There was also a promotion for free Belle de Jour Costume (Torsche). Violeita Costume is selling in several hundreds of millions in vis prices, so it is unlikely now that Eisheth (Crazy Emilia) will have a costume to go with her hat.

There is also an in-game event for Oktoberfest Celebration in Ustiur Base Camp, giving away some new boxes. The time is horrible for us, so we couldn't make it for freebies and screenies.

There are 4 disconnections this week. Meanwhile, we are busy away from Granado Espada, watching Supernatural, Primeval, Terra Nova, and Falling Skies. The torrents are available from EZTV.