[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Revised Torsche's Basement v9.12.1

In v9.12.1, Dr. Torsche's Basement mission will be revised. See the original PlayForum article - 체험 그라 현장, 리뉴얼된 토르쉐 저택의 지하실 미션 for more screenshots and videos. First introduced in v4.0.5, this mission is popular due to its fixed drops of Veteran Enchantment Chips. Since then, the availability of chips has increased, and coupled with the cumbersome process (i.e. matching numbers from stones) of the mission, there is a need for revision. See also Ellearn's Diary: 리뉴얼 토르쉐 저택, 지하실 미션.

Mission Information
Location: Dr. Torsche's Mansion Savage Garden (E2)
Duration: 60 minutes
Frequency: 1/day
Entry Cost: 1 White Gold Bar or 100 Otite Pieces
Participants: 1-4 families
Requirement: Completed Catherine Torsche's Recruitment Quest

The room monsters have been changed to the following:
  1. Walter, Pyg
  2. Helena, Pyg
  3. Sasha, Pyg
  4. Lloyd, Pyg
  5. Walter, Helena, Pyg
  6. Sasha, Lloyd, Pyg
  7. Walter, Helena, Sasha, Lloyd, Pyg
Go to the 2nd room (E4, E9) and revive Victor with 50 Otite Pieces. Victor is needed to remove the corridor barricades and activate the final gates (H4, H9) leading to the bosses. He will also help you to attack enemy monsters. If Victor dies, you can revive him with another 50 Otite Pieces.

VICTOR • L115 Golem • Light Armor • No Attribute • Medium
HP 4,007,062 • ATK Rating 59 • ATK 20,703 • DEF Rating 59 • DEF 155
Penetration 50 • Immunity 0 • Elemental Penetration: All 0 • Elemental RES: All 30

To remove the barricades leading to the next rooms, let Victor reach them first. Make your way towards the last room (H4, H9) along with Victor. Clear monsters as fast as possible to prevent them from piling up. Characters with spammable skills are recommended. If Pyg is casting a skill, use a skill to disrupt it to avoid its huge area of effect. Use [Anti-Magic Shell] to provide more resistance against Sasha's attacks.

When Victor touches the final gate (H4, H9), it will activate. You may then enter the gate to fight the respective boss. Left path's gate (H4) leads to Wight (B5), while right path's gate (H9) leads to Gwraig (B9).

WIGHT • L135 Golem • Soft Armor • No Attribute • Medium
HP 1,635,600 • ATK Rating 67 • ATK 36,872 • DEF Rating 67 • DEF 154
Penetration 50 • Immunity 0 • Elemental Penetration: All 0 • Elemental RES: All 70

GWRAIG • L135 Golem • Light Armor • No Attribute • Medium
HP 1,635,600 • ATK Rating 67 • ATK 43,147 • DEF Rating 67 • DEF 248
Penetration 50 • Immunity 0 • Elemental Penetration: All 0 • Elemental RES: All -50

As the statistics suggest, Gwraig is best tackled with magic users, while Wight is best tackled with melee and shooting characters. [Magic Barrier] skill may also help to negate Wight's attacks. Wight and Gwraig will drop 5 Veteran Enchantment Chips, 5 Gold Bars, and 3 Honor A Cards.

It seems like you can move back to the start point from the boss room, after the first boss is dead. When both bosses are dead, a warp gate to the treasure room (B7) will appear. You may then open the treasure chest with the key (available from Bounty Hunter's Guild Shop) to receive roulette reward. The roulette rewards 2 items per family, plus 1 bonus item for 2,000,000 vis. Possible roulette rewards include:
  • Elite Le Noir Recipe (DR 32)
  • Artisan's Gloves Recipe
  • Artisan's Belt Recipe
  • Dragon Heart Recipe
  • L100 Equipment (AR 30, DR 27)
  • L92 Elite Armor (DR 28)
  • Silver Earrings
  • Cut Necklace (RES 7%)
  • Elemental Jewel
  • Rare Grade Gem (e.g. Seeds of Rafflesia)
  • ... and as usual, Honor B Card
  • ... not forgetting everyone's favorite loot, Portable Ancient Star Orb Box

New Madness for Reckless Emilia
[Madness] stance has also been revised in v9.12.0. See 폭주 에밀리아, 제 2의 폭주가 시작된다! (Korean) for more information. The stance information has also been updated at Blue Moon Waltz.


Silfo said…
who is cruz, the new character?
Ashardalon said…
You can see him in Castilla Garrison 1. He won't be recruitable until v9.13. See IAH forum topic here for video links and stuffs.
Rainz said…
so there will be no more torshe debuff which need 10 piece of otite to click crystal and cancel it? ?
Ashardalon said…
AFAIK, No more debuff, no more stupid number-rock.