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Halloween 2011

Granado Espada of Singapore, Taiwan, and United States servers are having the same Halloween event. However, the event NPC are located in different maps for different servers. As usual, Singapore server provided the best event article.

Read [Halloween Event] Sara's Bewitching! (SG). I will just add a few extra tips on this event below. See also 活動《萬聖節活動》公告 (TW) and Willow the Witch Needs Help (US). Thail servers are also having the same event. See Patch Update ประจำวันพุธที่ 26 ตุลาคม 2554 (TH). See also a Taiwanese player's event guide - 【官方活動】萬聖節活動.
The monster hunt quests are given only during even hours (e.g. 2pm, 4pm), while Haunted House mission is accessible only during odd hours (e.g. 1pm, 3pm). Only the hour matters, the minutes are not important. Both require a character wearing Halloween Pumpkin Hat.

The monster hunts involve a random monster, such as:
  • 70 Little Plaque Etons (L25 Daemon) in Tetra Ruins
  • 30 Visage Noirs (L32 Daemon) in Tetra Ruins Golden Road
  • 70 Zombie Mermen (L41 Undead) in Porto Bello The Deck or The Cabin
  • 100 Haunted Candles (L55 Golem) in Dr. Torsche's Mansion Savage Garden or Reception Hall
  • 200 Sentinels (L58 Golem) in Dr. Torsche's Mansion Reception Hall
The witch will reward each hunt with 1 Key to Haunted House (not tradable), 1 Witch's Candy (not tradable), 5 Sweet Candies, 5 Water Sprays, and 5 Chocolates. Witch's Candy was previously given in Halloween 2009.

Haunted House is a solo mission for 5 minutes. Kill Hallow Apparitions (L100 Undead) for Spirit Coins (not tradable). They have very high physical defense (DEF 600), but low resistances (Lightning RES -50 • Mental RES 11). Thus, it is recommended to use magic characters, such as elementalist. The monsters respawn after a few seconds, so spam [Tenseness] or similar area skills, then loot the coins before the next wave. A single mission can earn you about 300-400 coins. Trade the coins to the witch for Halloween Boxes. See the article linked above for possible drops.

Note that pets can continue looting in the few seconds after time ran out and before you are removed from the mission map.

Halloween In United States
Sword 2 Halloween 2011 includes a few other Halloween-related events.

Halloween Party: AM will award players with new Halloween Boxes and new AM's Touch Boxes at Dr. Torsche's Mansion during Oct 29-31. The party gives away 2 new types of boxes - AM's Touch and Jeepers Creepers. They are known to drop the following:

AM's Touch
Triumph Potion (1 hour) x5
AM's Boost x10
Strength Potion x5
Soul Crystal x20
Enchant Sedative x10
Upgrade Accelerator x20
Socket Flux x10
Citadel Pass (1 day) x3
Rose Wings (7 days) x3
Shiny Crystal Chest x5
Veteran Enchantment Chip x20
Constellation Box
Dragon Heart
Dragon's Fury Rifle
Recipe - Magic Leather Belt
Recipe - Elite Schvarliere Armor

Jeepers Creepers
Pink Lollipop x20
Red Lollipop x20
Soul Crystal x20
Bloody Coffin (2 days) x3
Revenant (2 days) x3
Deadly Cross (2 days) x3
Enchant Sedative x20
Sweet Candy x50
Halloween Pumpkin Hat
Witch's Hat
Pet Box (Red Tiger)

Forum Contests: Design a costume contest is available during Oct 16-28, 2011. Top 10 winners will win a Dragon Weapon of their choice. Read rules and submit entries Sword 2 Halloween Costume Contest 2011. There is also a pumpkin carving contest during Oct 14-24, 2011. Top 3 winners will win 12,500, 8,000, and 6,000 Gold respectively. Read rules and submit entries Sword 2 Pumpkin Carving Contest 2011.

Gold Promotion: Purchase Gold and get free Bloody Coffin, Revenant, and Deadly Cross back costumes during Oct 17-23, 2011. See Spooky Back Costumes for details.

Halloween In Korea
The in-game event involves hunting some mobs for freebies - Halloween Pumpkin, Halloween Candy, and Socket Flux (Event). See 할로윈 in 그라나도 에스파다! for details. See also the official event notice.

Halloween In Japan
A monster-spam event for Pre-Veterans, Experts, and Masters... plus Halloween Pumpkin Hats... See GMピノッキの突発ハロウィンイベント「モンスターパニック」開催のお知らせ for details.