Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Hot Key: Move

The Move function is set to a specific coordinate, moving the character(s) through the shortest possible route. You must be using user-defined hot keys, then insert the following line into the hot key (.xml) file.

<HotKey Name=" Move To Helena Room " Scp="Move(61, -10783, -9)" Key="MINUS" UseAlt="NO" UseCtrl="NO" UseShift="NO" OnEdit="NO" />

The sample command above will move the character(s) to Helena's Room in Arsene Circus raid mission, where you need to trigger her response. The hot key is set to the minus key (-). This is useful for players who use alternate/mule families to start Arsene Circus raids. This hot key will move the character down the corridor, turn corners, and go straight to Helena's Room to trigger her dialog, then stay there as an anchor since the room is free of mobs. It makes it slightly more convenient to manage the alternate/mule family. Obviously, you need to be on the correct map (e.g. Arsene Circus) for this to work.

This function is useful mostly in zones with disabled zone maps. For other zones, you can simply click on the zone map to move to any given spot. You can find other coordinates by typing /where into the chat window. The destination should not be blocked from the starting location (e.g. portal). Note that you cannot change hot keys while the game client is running. You will need to restart the client.

The following coordinates will move a character from from the 1st room (via Queen's Gate) in Reboldeaux Culverts (i.e. sewers) to the 4th room where you can create room for Arsene Circus:
  1. Move(3200, -9995, -64)
  2. Move(-7300, 9970, -80)
  3. Move(1500, 6900, 46)


Tuyen Phan said…
where do you find these key functions such as /where or /camcol, etc... from?
Ashardalon said…
Some chat commands can be found inside .scp files and .ies files.