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Imperial Wheel 14 (GE-JP) has been released for Sep 24-28, 2010. See Costume Catalogue for more art. Other rewards include Catherine Torsche character card. See full-body screenshots of the costumes at kGE Screen Board.

Click on image above for full-size view.

La Concentration Du Saphir
Rifle • ATK 392 • ATK Rating 33
Ice ATK +40

La Purete De L'Aigue-Marine
Ice Bracelet • ATK 277 • ATK Rating 33
Ice ATK +40

Le Caractere Agressif Du Jaspe
Rapier • ATK 207 • ATK Rating 33
Block +5, DEF Penetration +10

La Balance Sucree
Body Costume (Libra) • Romina

Le Belier De La Passion
Body Costume + Hair (Aries) • Eduardo

Elite Ruidestencia
Robe • DEF 168 • DEF Rating 30
Max HP +1500, Max SP +100


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