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ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival 2011 features a cosplay presentation for Granado Espada. There are a few streaming videos on the cosplay event. I am having problems embedding the videos, but you can watch them online at the following sites. (JavaScript must be enabled.)

In order of appearance at the last costume parade scene, the featured characters (and costumes + weapons) are:
  1. Chief Haman • Black Angel Wings
  2. Male Scout • Rescue Suit Costume + El Colgado Dagger
  3. Baek Ho • Gloriosa Costume
  4. Female Elementalist • Ruidestencia Costume
  5. Vincent Rio • Le Verseau de la Liberte Costume + Angel Lute
  6. Adelina the Pirate • Vampiric Edge
  7. Female Scout • Le Dignitaire Costume + El Colgado Dagger
  8. Female Elementalist • Le Dignitaire Costume + Sylphic Wings
  9. Female Wizard • Mabro Peira Costume + Glacial Crystal
  10. Male Wizard • Mabro Metis Costume
  11. Male Musketeer • Le Dignitaire Costume + La Fuerza Bayonet + Queen's Seal (aka White Cristatus)
  12. Male Wizard • Calienalbino Costume + Unknown (?) Rod/Staff
  13. Claire • La Vierge Delicate Costume + La Justicia Great Sword
  14. Emily • Devil Wings
  15. Mario
  16. Celine
  17. Hellena • Archangel Wings
  18. Louis Arsene III
  19. Valleria • Pigeonne Costume 
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