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Patch Notes v28.94.65 - v29.13.53

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

  • Added new character—Rada 🔗 to Lyndon Box. 
    • Added her skill rings to Chester's Ring Box.
  • Modified amount of Expert Enchantment Chips dropped by Elminor in Lucifer Basement Lab (Hard) mission to 10.
  • Fixed some minor issues with buffs, quests, and missions.

  • Added new Rank 7 solo missions—Imperium Glory and Imperium Rex.
    • You can enter 1/day. Addition entries for Home Premium Service (Explorer Pack), Rank 7 VIP medal, and Rank 7 VVIP medal.
  • Added new weekly mission—Remnant of the Sky Road.
    • Requires 3-30 players, and 5 Elemental Jewels to re-enter.
  • Modified Friend/Block Lists to display numbers. Increased Block List limit from 50 to 100.
  • Fixed the drop of disabled leather recipes in Bahama Prophet's Forest.

  • Added Rubiana to Heavenly Character Card Box.
  • Fixed issues with Panfilo's skills.
  • Modified market price for Mercenary Contract to match each character.
  • Modified some item names.
  • Modified Aileen's maximum speed to 7.50.
  • Modified Bounty Hunter's Guild Tokens to be unable to trade or discard.
  • Fixed some text and quest issues.

  • Added 15 new artifacts (5 normal, 5 elite, 5 unique) and related daily quests.
  • Modified UI and name of Merchant Summon Stones.
  • Modified Bounty Hunter's Guild Token Shop.
    • Added Event Constellation Weapon Box (350 tokens) and Event Evil Weapon Box (1200 tokens). 
    • Removed Pet Food, Invisible Potion, Valkyrie Crusher, Soul Crystal, Enhanced Enchantment Tranquilizer.
  • Modified Time Piece missions.
    • Fixed some issues relating Time Crystal quest.
    • Added solo mission, which can be done 1/day.

  • Added new characters—Arbitrator Berthe and Executor Anis 🔗 to Lyndon Box.
    • Added Berthe's and Anis' skill rings to Ring Box of Chester and Zenos respectively.
  • Modified card name for Rescue Knight. (Removed plural form.)
  • Fixed weapon display of Rada in town.
  • Started Christmas 2017 Event 🔗.

  • Modified Colony War.
    • Removed Colony Guardian.
    • Increased Max HP of Colony.
    • Colony attack is changed to non-magical type. Target is selected randomly every time.
    • Colony upgrade costs Elemental Jewels. Update is lost when colony is destroyed.
    • General upgrade increases Max HP. 
    • Selective upgrade includes—ATK (damage+debuff), Defense (Max HP+buff+defense tower), or Skills (Mass Destruction+casting time+cool-down).
  • Modified Valkyrie Crusher. 
    • Increased Max HP.
    • Automatically destroyed when summoner moves to barracks or other maps.
  • Removed Valkyrie Destroyer, which is converted to Vis in market cabinet.
  • Added Valkyrie Repair (5 types to repair colony) to Tools Merchants.
  • Modified trade and profile UI windows.
  • Increased spawn rate of Great Geckos in Imperium Arma (Twisted Time).
  • Modified Valeron Hammer/Pendant/Controller/Rosario shop price to 110 Vis.

  • Added quest monster highlight (yellow circle below monster) in Game Options.
  • Added Rada to Heavenly Character Card Box.
  • Added Soul of Castilla to roulette of Castilla Relic (Hard) mission.
  • Modified Valkyrie Crusher and Repair.
    • Modified siege damage, summoning duration.
    • Destroyed when summoner dies, except for Valkyrie Crusher (Catapults).
  • Modified colony defense upgrade.
    • Reduced Max HP of colony defense tower.
    • Changed to damage reduction buff effect.
    • Removed re-installation of defense tower.
  • Increase size of Colony Manager NPC.  Removed upgrade reset option.