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Edit Font Settings

Some time ago, a maintenance patch for SEA server includes reducing font size for the story book, so that the text does not overflow. This can be replicated for other server's game clients. Do the following:
  1. Extract ui.ipf using GE Tools.
  2. Use Notepad to open skindef2.xml in Granado Espada\ge\ui\uixml folder.
  3. Search for the line that includes "StoryBook_Page". The line should read something like this:
    • <font name="StoryBook_Page" type="2002.ttf" size="16" color="#32200f" underline="no" bold="no" dropshadow="no" italic="no" outline="no"/>
  4. Change the value for size from 16 (default) to 12.
  5. Save and close Notepad. Close the game client if it is currently running.
  6. Recompile Granado Espada\ge\ui folder using GE Tools to create a new ui.ipf file.
Naturally, you can also change other font settings based on their names. Do not change the names or other user interface (.xml) files will not work properly.

Click for full-size view.

If you want to change font typeface, you need to extract font.ipf file, replace 2002.ttf file, and recompile it. You can download ready-made font.ipf variant files from fontipfpack2014.zip, available at MEGA 🔗 (Misc folder).

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