Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Patch Notes v25.61.96 ~ v25.73.64

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.97.53. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

  • Added Leticia's Feso Gift Box to Cash Shop.
    • Drops 2 Moon Stones plus random bonus item.
    • Bonus items include 100/500 Growth Stones, 1/3/5/10 Moon Stones, Heavenly Character Card Box, Time Ore Box, Prospe Weapon Recipe, Total Status Ampule, etc.
  • Wearing certain Chef medals allow you to get Wolf Meat, Beet, Cabbage, or Golden Apple as drops when killing monsters.
    • This stacks with Panfilo's job skill effect.
  • If a faction occupy more than 10 colonies, payment will be made in Elemental Jewels.
  • Modified usage of Ring Box.
  • Modified text for food recipes.
  • Delete existing Pioneer Manuals when talking to Leonele during certain parts of Viron scenarios.
  • Modified Heaven's Altar Protection mission. The player who deals the most damage to the gate will get the buff.
  • Modified Armonia Final Episode scenario's The First Devil quest, relating to quest items.
  • Modified quest items relating to Judgment Day scenario.
  • Added Reaper Sariel to Heavenly Character Card Box.

  • Modified some stances and skills. See table below.
    • Also remove minimum range for skills of various stances, e.g. Rapida Espada, Bloody Feast, Furious, etc.
  • Fixed overlapping text in Barracks.
  • Modified achievement for crafting AR36 weapons.
  • Modified probability of monster debuffs in Viron Clock Tower Basement.
  • Started Burning Midnight Oil Event for 1 week.

Kurt/Edward Before Change After Change
Grim/Soul Reaper (Lv.11) - Physical Penetration +10
Diable Before Change After Change
Roasting Light armor 100% Light armor 125%
Jullian Light armor 125% Heavy armor 150%
Asche Light armor 125% Heavy armor 150%
Freeandis ATK 1400% ATK 1600%
Croisement Before Change After Change
Attacher Bullet - x1.5 damage with Shooting Trigger
Arme Piste - x1.5 damage with Shooting Trigger
Composee Botter - x1.5 damage with Melee Trigger
Cul-de-sac - x1.5 damage with Melee Trigger
Rosa Secreta Before Change After Change
Stance Basics Ignore DEF 50% Ignore DEF 25%
Espada/Sable Volar Soft armor 200%, cast time 3s Soft armor 150%, cast time 5s
Electronic Hare Before Change After Change
Magic Earthquake Radius 8m Radius 10m
Frenzied Thunder Cool 25s Cool 15s
Crazy Dance Cool 50s Cool 30s
Hare Dance - Add Lightning RES -10
Psychic Rev Before Change After Change
Magic Earthquake Radius 8m Radius 10m
Beyond Natural Radius 8m, cool 25s Radius 10m, cool 15s
Psycho Dance Cool 45s Cool 30s
Rev Dance - Add Mental RES -10
Cutlass Before Change After Change
Get Set x2 damage by critical rate x3 damage by critical rate
Romina/Rescue Knight Before Change After Change
Resuscitation Range 100, 25 SP, cool 0s, resurrect 1 Range 1000, 300 SP, cool 20s, resurrect 3, invulnerable after resurrection
Cobra Before Change After Change
All 4 ATK Skills - x1 to 1.5 damage when drunk
Battle Cook Panfilo Before Change After Change
Grill Duration 90s Duration 300s

  • Added new character - Risky , available in Lyndon Box which includes her costume set.
    • Manipulation skill rings are added to Ring Box of Chester. She has no job skill ring.
  • Increased drop rate of Knight Crests, reduced drop rate of Priest Crests.
  • Added Armonia Blessing - Evasion and Blocking.
  • Modified NPC related to Clock Tower Basement.
  • Modified character voice relating to Quasar stance.
  • Started 나의 선물을 받아라 Event for 6 weeks, relating to Rank 1-5 missions and Clock Tower Basement, as well as Play-Time Event.

  • Added new personal raid mission "Lucifer Castle Garden" to Solo Raid Manager NPC in Coimbra Nimrod Bridge.
    • Randomly determined boss (?) - Arbremon, Sauterelle, Mantara, Demonic Jurgen.
    • Free entry 1/day. Additional entries (max 4/day) for Home Premium Service, Mission Rank5 VIP, and Mission Rank5 VVIP.
  • Added Sorang Card reward for hunter June Favor 150+ in Lucifer Basement Lab.
  • Modified party missions.
    • There will be 5 difficulty ratings - General, Veteran, Expert, Master, High Master.
    • Difficulty of existing missions are equivalent to Expert rating, except for Armonia 2nd Holy War which is equivalent to High Master.
    • Consumes activity points based on difficulty rating.
    • Reward varies based on difficulty rating.
    • Modified some monster AI in missions.
  • Modified Valeria Vendetta's Stylish Sunglasses due to changes in how one-piece costume works. Unequip it if experiencing display bug.
  • Fixed issue where faction level not marked in UI info.
  • Fixed issue of (Demonic?) Castilla mission with enhanced monsters.
  • Started Halloween Event , featuring Navas Wings and Vampire Costumes.
  • Started Enchantment Tranquilizer Discount Event for 30% discount in Feso Shop.


Ashardalon said…

HM party missions drop Expert Chips. Boss has approx. AR 103, DR 85, HP 150m.