Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Joker Card Mini Event

T3Fun has been slow in updates and tried to scam/milk players a lot lately, but there are also some things that they did right. I should mention them as well to avoid being overly negative about T3Fun.
Image by Alexwazz
  1. Lucky Shop has high drop rate of rare characters (except Silver Flare Lynn) and Growth Stones, effectively fixing the soaring Feso rate from 1:150+ to 1:20.

  2. Blazing Event is finally implemented, better late than never. It seems Singapore server still does not have it.

  3. Joker Card Mini Event further makes rare characters even more common and cheaper, and raises the Feso rate slightly to the current 1:40-50.
The last event allows players to simply submit a ticket to trade 15 Growth Stones for 1 Ramiel's Box, which drops a random rare character*. One specific character card (i.e. Battlefield Claude) is designated as a Joker Card, allowing you to trade it for any existing character card (e.g. Silver Flare Lynn).

Note (*): Silver Flare Lynn, Kevin, Bane, Divine Hammer Bryan, Cadet Leonele, and Elizabeth are not currently in the box drop list. See Ramiel's Box Drops for details.