[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Halloween 2015

Halloween Event 2015 involves collection of Pumpkin Seeds (non-tradable event item). There are 2 ways to collect Pumpkin Seeds.

Event Boss In Raid Missions
Kill the event boss (Halloween Montoro/Rachel/Ramiro) in specific missions for Pumpkin Seeds (direct into Quest inventory). The amount you receive depends on the number of participants. (For USA server, it seems like the amount of seeds gained is equal to squad size divided by 2.) If the mission has maximum participants, there will be an event buff for AR/DR. The specific missions are server-dependent: 5 Lucifer Castle missions (Europe, Korea) or 3 Castilla missions (Thai, USA).

Candy-Seeking Rachel/Montoro/Ramiro spawns in the room of Chimera (Castilla Mine), Chaos Knight Arito (Castilla Relics), or Buff Robot NPC (Castilla Tower of Chaos). It is not necessary to kill the normal bosses. Simply use MCC1 control to move 1 character towards the room teleporter, switch to another character, then back to the moving character after he passes the teleporter.

Candy-Seeking Montoro
ATK Rating
DEF Rating
100    0   ❆ 0    0   ♥ 0
40    60   ❆ 60    60   ♥ 60

Event Bosses In Field
Kill event-specific Armonia raid bosses (Abyss Sorrow, Dullahan Cabeza, etc.) in Reboldoeux Stone Pit for Pumpkin Seeds (drops on floor) at 21:00 server time. Lv.25+ family can increase the drop rate of Pumpkin Seeds.

You can then trade Pumpkin Seeds to Event NPC in Reboldoeux for various items (non-tradable). See Vampire Costumes for an image of how the new costumes look. Note that the tickets merely permanently unlock the wing models for customized wings. You still need a normal Custom Wing Coupon to make them. See here for details.

Halloween Patch Issues
Navas Wings may cause some game clients to crash. You can bypass this crash by enabling Hide Back Costume in Game Options window (Alt + O). I also have this unfortunate issue with being unable to create characters from cards .

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