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Cherlyn Vs. Berthe

The recent re-release of various premium characters finally allowed me to acquire Cherlyn. Naturally, the question to arise would be: Between Cherlyn and Berthe , who is the better damage dealer?

This test is based on American client v23.57.93. Later versions may modify the stances, so results may differ.

The Scarecrow is built as Undead, Heavy Armor, DEF Rating 78, DEF 333, Immunity 66, and RES 80.

Both Cherlyn and Berthe (High Master Lv.10) are tested with the same team members (i.e. Emilia the Sage and Rosa) and buffs - Lv.12 Principal, Magic Enhancement, and Ranchera. They are equipped with +7 Tyrant Grimoire, Enhanced Will of Argus, Crafted Necklace, Magic Belt, Magic Gloves, Magic Shoes, Eagle Eye, and Lucifer Wings.

They have their own personal buffs - Lv.10 Fire Aura (Cherlyn), Lv.10 Possession (Berthe), and Lv.10 Soul Burn (Berthe). Berthe has full SP before using any attack skill.

All skills are at Lv.10, except for Cherlyn's Call Giant (Lv.8) and Berthe's Necromancy (Lv.8). The offensive skills are matched in this order:
  • Normal Attacks, including summoned monsters. Winner: Cherlyn.
  • Summon Skill: Call Giant.
  • Directional Skill: Flame Road vs. Acheron. Winner: Berthe.
  • Highest Damage Skill: Fire Flower vs. Soul Explosion. Winner: Cherlyn.
  • Circular Skill: Lava Explosion vs. Back from the Dead. Winner: Cherlyn.

Overall, Cherlyn is a better damage dealer than Berthe. On the other hand, Berthe can get ATK Rating +1 and DEF Rating +1 when using Possession Ring. Cherlyn has no Rating increment even with rings. In addition, some raid monsters are vulnerable to different elements, so Berthe may still work better for monsters with low Mental RES.


von Bardy said…
i prefer cherlyn for raids, i usually use berthe in pvp and wpvp mode
Tuong Khoang said…
I would be really interested in seeing a damage test of Cherlyn and Lorraine as they both use a combination of skill + pet