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T3Fun Web Shop Scam

T3Fun has launched its Web Item Shop , probably because it requires less coding than changing the contents of the cash shop. It includes new School Look Costumes, which were available for free in Europe server as part of play-time event. See Europe Update & School Look Festival for details.

There are 3 old pets re-released at obscene prices:

In 2013, Acorchado Pet was released in Cash Shop as a package with 200 Pet Food... for 14,900 T-Coins. See Powerful Package Items for details.

In 2014, Rhinoceur Pet was available in limited quantities in Tools of the Trade event for 180 Enhanced Enchantment Tranquilizers, which costs a 13,500 (180 x 75) T-Coins. See Journal Entry for 2014 for details.

In 2015, Diablo Pet was released at super-low drop rate in Lyndon Box (450 T-Coins) along with Elizabeth.

If they really need to milk players, at least do it at decent prices. Increasing the price by 4 times is just ridiculous. This was what they did last time when they removed Enchant Boosters and Imperviums from Cash Shop and added them to Feso Shop at several times the original prices... Now they are doing it again.

T3Fun is probably testing to see how much money they can milk from players... but quadrupling the price of an item (e.g. Acorchado Pet) is just disreputable corporate practices. Such practices are the reasons why I cannot recommend the American server to new/returning players...


Unknown said…
they want players down then quit
Tears0fBlood said…
It's a scam and I heard T3FUN will put Silver Lynn in that Item Shop as a package too.
Dung Ho said…
now she in lucky shop lol
dave said…
This is gold, for $120 that pet better give me 10ar/dr