Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Patch Notes v25.50.87 ~ v25.59.20

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.97.53. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

  • Initialized Achievement system.
  • Modified Achievement UI.
  • Achievement score 10,000+ can earn Queen of Pioneering Grandma Card.
  • Improved Quest UI.
    • Included drop rate of quest items.
    • Removed Shortest Path tab.
    • Indicated story pages required by quests.
  • Added Purple Hat for Kevin to Dressing Room.
  • Added Codename L to Heavenly Character Card Box.
  • Started Blind Attendance Check Event for 10/9-07/10, 2015.

  • Added new premium wings - MW-917P, Gold Butterfly, and Blue Butterfly.
    • Available from Custom Wing UI. MW-917P Wing Coupon can be acquired from Clock Tower Auto Baron mission.
  • Modified some Armonia scenario quests.
    • Episode 1: Nerf boss and buff NPC for "I Will Save Them" mission.
    • Episode 2: Added extra Tokens of Virtue reward. Reduced Holy Water required from 10 to 2, Blue Armonium Ore from 5 to 2. Reduced DEF 50 of Dullahan Cabeza.
    • Episode 3: Nerf monsters. Reduced required amount of Holy Water, Blue/Red Armonium Ores.
    • Recruit Patrick: Reduced required amount of Holy Water, Mysterious Steel Piece. Nerf monsters.
    • Episode 4: Modified monster stats. Extra Tokens of Virtue. Reduced required amount of Holy Water.
    • Episode 5: Modified monster stats. Reduced required amount of Blue Armonium and quest items.
    • Recruit Van: Reduced monster stats.
  • Modified monsters in Armonia maps.
    • Increased Penetration (?) for some monsters.
    • Reduced respawn time for Iron Hammer monsters.
    • Reduced respawn time for monsters in Armonia Latina.
    • Reduced EXP award for monsters slightly.
  • Modified raid bosses in Armonia maps.
    • Increased time for Mass Destruction of Mady, Cray, Hassen, Appear, Ubeth, etc.
    • Added physical recovery pattern for Gloom, etc.
    • Added movement speed buff.
    • Increased time for Navas' Call of Nightmare.
    • Reduced probability of Navas' Redemption buff.
    • Oscuras disables Soul Crystal usage (?).
    • Removed Helpless debuff when HP is below 50%.
    • Increased time for Blood Smell.
    • Armonia bosses drop Elemental Jewels.
  • Modified long text to display "...".
  • Modified Bristia scenario quests involving Kess.
  • Reduced Item enhancement and failure achievements from rating 33 to 30.
  • Added Mid-Autumn Event for 3 weeks.

  • Added new characters - Judith & Empyreum Judith .
    • Empyreum Judith is available in Lyndon Box . She has no job skill ring.
    • Added all other skill rings to Ring Box of Genos.
  • Added Recruit Judith quests.
    • Must have recruited Sariel and completed Armonia Episode 2 scenario.
  • Added quest completion achievements.
  • Modified icons for some boxes (e.g. Rose Wing Box).

  • Modified various Asphodel items for Armonia quests to be in Misc inventory. The item can be now be sold.
  • Fixed improper marking in Farm window.
  • Fixed quest procession problem for Armonia Episode 3 scenario.
  • Modified squad info image for Sariel.
  • Fixed awkward location for Sariel's cube in mission.
  • Modified materials to make Enhanced Quasar Ring.
  • Modified 300 million acquisition achievement.
  • Fixed tooltips for Over Limit and Reload Action skills.