Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Best Ever Blowout Support

Europe server has implemented one of the better events from Korean servers:
  1. Basic Access = Experimental Gear (30 days)
  2. Daily Quests & Family Level = Evil Weapon, Strata Devil Weapon, Elite Le Noir, Greek Croma, etc.
  3. Continuous Attendance = Selected Cash Shop Items (Soul Crystal, Enhancement Booster, etc.)
  4. Long Attendance = Medals, Heavenly Character Card Box
  5. 1-Day Reward = +7 Armonia Weapon (1 day), Angel/Cursed Weapon Costume, etc.

Attendance is counted by completion of the daily quest, and family level includes the faction bonus (+3). To complete the daily quest, you need to collect Red Seed (quest item) x10 by killing monsters that fit a randomly selected criteria:
  • Wildlife monsters in field maps.
  • Wildlife monsters in mission maps.
  • Demon monsters in field maps.
  • Demon monsters in mission maps.
  • Lifeless monsters in field maps.
  • Lifeless monsters in mission maps.
  • Undead monsters in field maps.
  • Undead monsters in mission maps.
Reed Seed (quest item) drops on the floor when you killed the specified monsters in the specified maps. (If the quest asks for Wildlife in missions, Wildlife in field maps will not drop them.) Once you have 10 Red Seeds in your quest inventory, the monsters won't drop any more Red Seed. Red Seeds can be freely picked by other squad members, depending on the squad loot rule.

For new families, the event items can also drop in quest-related missions. So if even Rank 1 missions are too difficult, you can get them from these missions. Make sure you fail the mission so you can redo it another day.
  • Human: Domingo's Cleansing of Al Quelt Moreza (AR2), Ramiro's First Dungeon (AR3). 
  • Wildlife: Domingo's Cleansing of Al Quelt Moreza (AR2), Ramiro's First Dungeon (AR3), Jack's Stone Pit (AR?).
  • Demon: Grace's Suspicion of Tetra Ruins (AR16).
  • Undead: Carlos' The Secret Dock (AR16).
  • Lifeless: Catherine's Intruder Alert (AR33).

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Cklaighe said…
wow... i hope this gets implemented on all servers >__<
Ashardalon said…
No reward on 51st consecutive day, etc. See Incredible Equipment Support Event Issue.