Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Patch Highlights v21.76.73

These highlights are based on official patch notes of Korean live servers. For patch notes of earlier versions, see Patch Highlights v21.27.83. American game server is currently at v21.07.77.

  • Added Time Ore item. This is equivalent to 300 Time Crystals, used for exchanging an Evil Weapon. There are 7 types, just like Time Crystals.
    • Time Ore Box, available via Lyndon Box, drops 1 or 2 (rarely) random Time Ores.
    • For example, if you want to exchange for an Evil Dagger, you can use 2 Time Ores: Rose, or 1 Time Ore: Rose + 300 Time Crystals: Rose.
  • Added Recipe - Total Status Ampules (10 or 100) to NPC shop in Auch for 30m or 270m Vis. Each recipe requires 10 or 100 of each type of Status Ampules. Each Total Status Ampule grants +4 to all ability scores. See also [韓測21.29.45] 地位增幅混合液、魔性通關排行榜 .
  • Some damage adjustment when using 2 weapons, regarding racial ATK.
  • When you receive items from NPC while your inventory is full, the items will be moved to your market cabinet.

  • Added function to sort protected items in inventory.

  • Added NPC in Auch to convert Honor Cards (aka Medals of Honor) into tradable versions, with extra costs of Silver Bars.
  • Portable Ancient Star Orb Box can now be traded.
  • Modified function to sort protected items.

  • Added EXP buff for login on consecutive days, max. 7 days for EXP +30% and Stance EXP +20%.
  • Added Bounty Hunter's Guild - Infinite Challenge mission, up to 5/day. 
  • Updated Dressing Room with more costumes to be sold for Feso.

  • Added new region - Armonia. See also Update Preview - Armonia.
  • Added Armonia Episode 1 scenario and Armonia daily quests.
  • Added new character - Sirius , recruitable via quests.
  • Added new boss monsters. Bosses in Armonia Latina respawn in 1-2 hours. 
    • If Abyss Sorrow/Gloom is killed on Sat-Mon, it will respawn on Tue-Wed.
    • If Abyss Sorrow/Gloom is killed on Tue-Fri, it will respawn on Sat-Sun.
  • Added Door of the Abyss daily mission. 
    • Mission door appears at 7-9pm in a location of a random map - Errac Land of Night, Bahama Heaven's Altar, Dr. Torsche's Mansion Annex, Corazon de Gigante, Al Quelt Moreza Narthex.
    • Abyss Sorrow and Gloom must be dead for the mission door to appear.
    • Use the white light beams to become invulnerable, avoid the monsters, and click on 4 devices to win. Black light beams will increase monster's movement speed.
    • See [GE韓測21.64.96] 艾莫尼亞兵器庫  and 4/17 업데이트 신규 이벤트 미션 심연의 구멍 공략 .
  • Added Priest of Darkness daily mission.
  • Added Armonia Weapons (AR36) and Armors (DR34). Collect 5 different Abyss Pieces from a new boss in various old maps to trade for weapon recipe. Abyss Sorrow/Gloom can drop the robe recipe. See [GE韓測21.64.96] 艾莫尼亞兵器庫 .
  • Added story book system. See [GE韓測21.64.96] 故事書系統 .
  • Relaxed requirements for Recruit Vincent quests.
  • Portable Ancient Star Orb Box (10,000) can now be traded.
  • Fixed user skin's gauge bar color issue.

  • Added Blessing of Paytard premium item, available only in Lyndon Box. Used to double the chance of enhancement. Cancelled... for now.
  • Added Impervium +5/+6: High Master to Cash Shop and Feso Shop for 900,000/1,100,000 Feso.
  • Added Cannon Shooter Claire and Cutie Claire, available via Lyndon Box.
  • Fixed some issues in Armonia Episode 1 scenario, regarding the Holy Water.
  • Added High Master promotion level. 
    • Existing Master Lv.11 will automatically become High Master Lv.1. 
    • High Masters can be awakened using Tears of Sara, available in Cash Shop and Feso Shop for 200,000 Feso. Awakening grants AR/DR+1 and Max HP +5000. 
    • See [GE韓測21.64.96] 突破封頂! 高級名人! .
  • Added Rumble Fight PVP trial system. See 럼블파이트?! .
  • [Corruption] debuff can be reduced by using Pray pose near the Saint in Armonia Cathedral. See 에밀리아, 네가 이러니까 .
  • Modified various Armonia's Holy Water items.
  • Reduced EXP reward of monsters in Castilla Relics and Castilla Tower of Chaos.

  • Modified UI for character list view in barracks. See [GE韓測21.75.09] 角色預覽UI調整及一般微調 .
    • Increased saved team to 20, costing Moon Stones = 6 + (current saved teams -10). For example, increasing from 19 to 20 slots will cost 15 Moon Stones.
    • Added character search function for classes.
  • Revised Rumble Fight.
  • Revised Bounty Hunter's Guild - Infinite Challenge. Warp gate back to town is created. Added conversion pattern to bosses, deleted escape pattern.
  • Modified Abyss Gloom and Sorrow for HP Regeneration and all Penetration changed to 80.
  • Prayer spot in Armonia Cathedral is now more clearly marked.
  • Reduced the number of monster kills needed for repeatable monster hunt quests.
  • Tactics Manual - Expert (7 days) can now be traded.
  • Reduced prices for assorted services/items.
    • Character Name Change: 1 Elemental Jewel à 5,000,000 Vis.
    • Reset 1 Ability Stat Point: 1,000,000 Vis à 200,000 Vis.
    • Veteran Stance Book: 1,000,000 Vis à 100,000 Vis.
  • Modified Fordoi monsters summoned by Dark Garim in Lucifer Castle Laboratory to not drop Mega Ores and EXP.


Ashardalon said…
Blessing of Paytard (aka Valeron's Blessing) is available in Japan server, it seems. See 後もう少し!.