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Guide To Granado Espada (Japan)

The following is a guide on how to access and play Granado Espada in Japan servers. Please follow this basic rule to avoid raising suspicion of your non-Japanese origin:

Keep a low profile. Do NOT broadcast or talk openly in English. 

An active community is always needed for MMORPG. If you have a clan/faction or chat group, please post your clan/faction forum or contact (and server) in the comments, so that interested players can contact you.

GE Japan Website -

All links to GE Japan website from this post will be using Google URL Shortener to hide the link referer, after testing with What Is My Referer.

GE Japan has IP block implemented, so you must use a Japan VPN to play. VPN Gate has a list of free public VPN. (Leave a comment if you have other public VPN to share.) You can set up using either method below.
  1. Microsoft SSTP. No software needed. Simply input the host name, login, and password. 
  2. SoftEther VPN. Need to install software, which auto-updates its VPN list. 
It is possible that some public VPN may have bandwidth limits, so disconnection may be an issue at times.

Go to GE Japan - Registration Page. You can either manually register or use OpenID to auto-register with another network ID (e.g. Twitter, Google, Facebook). Note that manual registration requires an anti-bot verification involving Japanese characters. You may use Lexilogos or Linguanaut to help you with Japanese character input.

The official download method uses a customized installer.
  1. Start your VPN connection.
  2. Use Internet Explorer (7.0+) to access GE Japan: Client Download. Do NOT use other browsers like Firefox or Chrome.
  3. Login to the website from the left sidebar. See screenshot of main page above.
  4. Click on either Download button to have a pop-up window for ActiveX.
  5. Internet Explorer will ask if you want to install NeffyLauncher. Click Install.
  6. Click Install again if Internet Explorer shows a security warning window.
  7. The downloader will automatically open. 
  8. Select the destination folder.
  9. Click Start button, located at bottom-left corner, to begin download. (VPN is not needed during download.)

After download has been completed, you may uninstall Neffy Downloader from Windows Control Panel. The files are located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Neffy.

Alternatively, you can use the following links to direct download the installer for v19.08.48 game client. VPN is not needed to download. You can use any download manager you wish to pause/resume download.

Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4 • Part 5 

Run GE_19.08.48_HUE_130710.exe to install the game client. If you wish to read the Japanese characters of the installer in Windows (English), install and run AppLocale and load the game client installer. However, this is not really necessary. You can easily guess what the gibberish text says.

  1. Install Microsoft Japanese IME from Control Panel. See Installing MS-IME for instructions.
  2. Set Non-Unicode System Locale to Japanese. See Setting Non-Unicode Program for instructions.
When you want to input Japanese characters in-game (e.g. searching for an item in Market Manager), copy and paste the text from Jap GE Wiki: Items into Notepad, then copy it again from Notepad, and paste (Ctrl+V) into the game client. Ensure that your Windows Language Bar is set to Japanese IME.

  1. Start your VPN connection.
  2. Use Internet Explorer to open GE Japan website.
  3. Login at the website manually or using Open ID.
  4. Click GAME START button at the top left corner of the website.
  5. Let the game patcher run normally. (VPN is not needed to patch the client, but is needed for game play.)
If you do not want to use Internet Explorer as your default browser, you can simply create a shortcut. R-click on the shortcut automatically created on your desktop, and select Properties. Change the Target field to this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

Unlike American or Singapore game client, the Japanese game client utilizes the website to login. You do not need to login again using the game client. The client uses Japan Standard Time (UTC +9) for time zone. There are currently 3 servers, in order as presented at the login screen.
  1. Cordierite -アイオライト
  2. Carnelian - カーネリアン
  3. Gem Silica - ジェムシリ力
Select the server and click on Connect button. If you do not move to the family barracks, there is usually an error message, such as the ones listed below. Also, learn to recognize this word - メンテナンス - on the official webpage. If you see that, it means server is undergoing maintenance.

Authentication code is different.
Note: Close client and Internet Explorer. Retry using a different VPN.

ID or password is incorrect. Password is case-sensitive.

Login failure due to temporary network fault. May last up to 3 minutes.

Disconnection due to failed authentication.

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D3v1L_Tr1$t4n14 said…
can u upload only the voice pack I'll be eternally grateful for that ^ ^
Ashardalon said…
Get it from If it becomes outdated, you can always download/install/patch jGE client yourself, and just copy and replace its se.ipf file.
Did any1 try or maybe managed to make jGE english language?
Anonymous said…
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†.Kyosuke.† said…
I Can`t install NeffyLauncher. I accept installation but nothing happen, can you help me? I'm using Windows 8
Is there any recommendation for the choice of these 3 servers in GE jp¿¿
Unknown said…
why my Client Can't start Patch ?
Ashardalon said…
Depends on the error. Did you login to the website using IE? Or try a different VPN?

For jGE issues, pls check with Surfing Acid. The jGE players will be in a better position to help you.
Lindvior said…
Are there any non-japanese clans on アイオライト server at the moment? I've been playing for a month and a half, growing stronger and stuff, but it would be really good to have a group to do raids and missions. I've just started to study japanese (on my own), so still far from being able to engage in a conversation with most players there - which would take a few years of study and practice, I think... Can't even read the quests info, also. I'm relying on my knowledge acquired from the US server :P
Rouge Cortes said…
Hey, can somebody help me with the links? i downloaded and when the launcher tries to update it fails at some point, it doesn't even get saved what was downloading before. Now im trying to downoad it from the website but it's downloading at 32KB/s lol! if u can help me would be awesome!