Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Claire's Carnation Event

Talk to Event NPC Claire in Reboldoeux to start a daily event mission for 5 minutes. This is similar to Jack & Magic Bean mission, but allows MCC3 and has different item drops. This event is also available in other servers for 2 weeks.

Click on the treasure chests until they open or the item is revealed, before the giant wakes up. The item drops include Carnation, Constellation Symbol, Enchantment Chip Lv.88-Veteran, Weapon Crystal Grade 32-33, Armor Crystal Grade 30, White Gold Bar, Pure Gold Bar, Symbol of Naraka, Dream of Devil, Dragon Heart, Ancient Rune - Ti/Te/Ar/An, Moon/Sun Stone, Ancient Relic, Shiny Crystal Chest, Elite Treasure Box (which drops Enchantment Chip Lv.92-100 or Moon Stone x5), Rumin Ore, Composite Steel, etc.

Talk to Event NPC Claire again to exchange Carnation for Gift Box of Claire, which drops 1-2 of the following random items:
  • Soul Crystal (Event) x2
  • Ampule of Steroid (Event) x2
  • Principal Potion (Event) x2
  • Socket Processing Tranquilizer (Event) x1
  • Enhanced Enchantment Tranquilizer (Event) x1
  • Veteran G EXP Card x2
  • Ring Box of Richard/Genos/Chester/Veiren/Curan (Event) x2
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|DarkSoul| said…
and Symbols, grade 30, 32 and 33 melee, shooting and magic weapon crystal, runes Te and Ti