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Show Skill Range Option

Even after telling T3Fun exactly what to do to fix this lost feature, they still fail to make this simple fix after the recent maintenance... Whatever. You can get the file here instead. This file is first made available by Laguna, and is meant for the game clients of American servers.

This is NOT an official patch. Do NOT post in the official GE forum or website.

  1. Close the game client, if it is still running.
  2. Download ge_skillrangeoption.zip file - [FileSplat] or [MediaFire].
  3. Extract the .zip file into Granado Espada\ge folder. Back up original first, if desired.
  4. Start the game client.
  5. Enable Show Skill Range in Game Options (Alt+O) window in-game.

If you want to do it yourself instead of downloading the file, simply create a new file called options.xml with the following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="EUC-KR"?>
<Option name="badwordfilter" default="1"/>
<Option name="EnableSkillRangeView" default="1"/>

Merge this file into xml.ipf inside Granado Espada\ge folder... and that's it. I don't understand what's so hard that they can't fix this after so long.


Ashardalon said…
T3Fun finally has this fixed officially. See Patch Notes - February 19, 2014.