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GE Europe Relaunched

EuroGamez has officially launched Granado Espada Europe on Dec 17, 2013. [Source]
  • Game Publisher: EuroGamez GmbH
  • Game Website: http://granadoespada.eu/
  • Game Region: Europe
  • Time Zone: Central European Time (GMT +1/+2)
  • Client Language: English
  • Game Version: 19.71.76
  • X-Trap Version: 6800
  • Number of Servers: 1 - Reboldoeux
  • Baron System: Enabled
Some events for the launch...
And apparently, they removed Cresemento Weapons from the game. This reminds me of the old GE Europe which removed Jack from the game to prevent botting... Somethings are in the game for a reason. When the publisher randomly removes them, it will likely cause problems later on, either with respect to game balance or quest requirements... The statement eurogamez gave here:

It's true that Cres saves people's time much but....losing too much things... As you Fans realized, this is fresh new server and we don't have anything to catch up so fastly and no hurry.

We are sure that this changed situation will give you fans much better fun of changing gears, upgrading gears, better-to-using skills and stances, beautiful costumes, etc many fun factors of this game.

I saw a guy who using Cres with no skill attacks, no skill point ups, no stance upgrade...no knowledge....till Expert ...-_-;; He lost much of fun and just leveled up but high level people don't want him because he don't know much about this game and skills even though he touched master.

This change means just a little bit more time to level up but it's still good as you all know. What about we trade this with much better fun situation instead?

We are sure this will increase many things of GEEU even the game's life too ^^; And very little bit of sales too....^^ We will admit but we don't think people will spend much money at phase of low levels^^;; The more important thing is fun circumstance of game will give things us more. To gamers and to company.

Thank you for your supporting our trying for GE and we are more and more cheered up by you. We will keep persuading people and keep trying to improve GEEU!


***No worry we will add Cres when GEEU grown up enoughly later ^^ Promise!

So taking a long time to grind and level to Expert/Master is "fun"? I remember a time before pioneer equipment were introduced, when you have to use the armors/weapons dropped by monsters. It took a long time grinding just to get to Veteran... That was "fun"? Really...

Anyway, a certain player sent me a mail in-game regarding the new GE Europe:

I'm not sure if IMC is indeed the parent company as said above, but it seems EuroGamez has some connections to Korean companies. Maybe it's a trap to lure dissatisfied players to start over (and spend more money) in a new server.  My recommendation is for players not to expect too much. Cash milking via Lyndon Box and web games are a standard from IMC, so you probably can't avoid them no matter which server you play on...

EuroGamez GmbH is a branch company of EuroGamez Co., Ltd, headquartered in Korea. This company located in Eschborn, Germany, founded in 2013 and specialized in MMORPG games. EuroGamez GmbH is focusing on the publication of highly qualified massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), developed in Korea for European markets. EuroGamez GmbH’s games will be followed and available more in European market every year. [Source]


banbha said…
hi Banbha here. imo they could make plenty of money by removing the gambling BS just give us a 100% +7 for a set price say
$5 for vet
$10 for expert
$15 for master
they would make plenty as long as they introduce new weapon types every so often without the need to screw the game up
ieifood said…
Hello there!
This is KalEl from the GEEU forum.

We'll definitely do our best to introduce new content and make players happy.

However, we will only add the premium items that the majority of players need or ask us to. We do not wish to have to create a huge difference between players by providing too many powerful items in the cash shop.

All of your comments and tips will be listened to, so feel free to head to our forums at: http://forum.granado-espada.eu/activity.php