[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Classic Skins

A new blog page has been added for user interface (UI) skins. The old classic skins have also been updated for v20.10.24 (current version for Singapore servers). These include:
  • Classic Rough (aka SK1) was the default skin design used in v2.0 game client. 
  • Classic Polish (aka SK2) was basically a polished up, glossy version of Classic Rough (SK1) skin. 
  • Classic Empire (aka SK3) was the default skin design used in v3.0 update, which added Errac, the third civilization. 
  • Classic Black (aka SK Black) was an old custom skin that was around since v2.x.
  • Renaissance is the current default skin design used since v5.0 Renaissance update. This pack is for using as a base to design your own skin, and for filling up any missing files of partial skins (if needed).
In addition, Catrina skin and Black 2.1 skin are also updated for v20.10.24, which mostly involves a new icon in button.bmp file. I will update and post more skins later, including Ink, Rose, Dark Reaper, etc.

Download from the new UI skins page HERE.