Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Christmas 2013

Some new events for December and Christmas 2013...

[US] Santa Cherlyn's Holiday Task: Dec 18, 2013 - Jan 08, 2013
Complete a daily task by Santa Cherlyn in Reboldoeux to find a specific colored Rudolph in the field maps. Reward is based on the number of times you completed her tasks. The featured reward on the 7th day is Grandies' Santa costume set (see screenshot below).

Other regional servers are also having the same event, but with different featured reward...

White Down Jacket Costume + Black Straight Perm Hair

[US] Play Time Event Lhote: Dec 18, 2013 - Jan 15, 2014
Collect 1 point per 10 minutes spent in-game. Lhote (aka Roht) Card costs 16,000 points, and Dragonic Hammer costs 800 points. Roht was previously released for free in Taiwanese servers for Rosa's Notes Event. He is also given for free to all beta testers in European servers. [Source]

[SG] Cite de Reboldoeux Notice Board Event: Dec 12, 2013 - Jan 09, 2014
Do daily event quests from Reboldoeux Notice Board and get Expert G EXP Card, Training Card G, or Melee/Shoot/Magic Enhancement Ampule. Complete 14 and 21 times to get Cape Pattern Hair & Costume for J.D.

[KR] Winter Festival Event: Dec 26, 2013 - Jan 09, 2014 
Accumulate playtime since Sep 01, 2013, and claim free items. Snow Golem pet buffs [ATK +7% vs monsters, Penetration +3, Immunity +3, DEF +7, Critical +3, Move Speed +10%], and heals 1500 HP. See [韓更20.69.78] 韓國原廠的新寵兒... for more on the pet.
  • 300 hours = White Down Jacket costume + Black Straight Perm hair
  • 600 hours = White Down Jacket costume + Black Straight Perm hair + 1 Master Card (Event)
  • 900 hours = White Down Jacket costume + Black Straight Perm hair + 1 Master Card (Event) + Pet Box (Snow Golem)


Ilmari said…
Seems like the event on sGE had a special reward for 28th day also. Too bad IAH didn't mention it anywhere. Seems like most people missed the reward as they didn't know about it until it was too late. Reward for 28th was Pet box for a Santa Graber.