[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Preview - Bristia Part 1

IMC has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 브리스티아 1차 업데. The pioneers are returning to Orpesia, because ironically the New World is just getting old. But really... why do we care about new updates when G1 cannot even update the game?

1. New Region - Kielce
Added Kielce region, which was involved in the Three-Year War. The region takes after the name of the local lord. Lv.30+ families can talk to Viron harbor NPC to move to Kielce.

The new city features many new NPC designs. There are also mobile NPC soldiers walking around the city. This should be similiar to Castilla officers. There is also a battleship, but I won't expect adventures on high seas any time soon.

Added a pub frequented by soldiers. There is a quest involved here as well. Kids are allowed in this pub. The Institute of Science and Technology was built for the boy genius Marchetti for R&D purposes of cars and air-ships.

Added Kielce Night field zone, some sort of bandit village for Lv.120+. Mobs can drop money bags, containing 1-1,000 vis. Wow they drop vis? Nothing special. Remember you can sell Pure Talt to NPC for fixed amount of vis too. The lower end of the range is totally lame.

2. Main & Side Quests
Kielce scenario quest will start with Jeremy in Kielce harbor, who will make an appointment to see Kes the governor. You must have completed Judgment Day scenario to start Kielce scenario quests. Then, the quest will involve Aincrad Bristia Liberation Army with new recruitment quests.

The old characters involved in the Three-Year War will be involved in the story plot, possibly in side quests.
You must have completed Judgment Day scenario and all the character's recruitment/side quests.

Jack will face the raging son of an old war rival in Kielce. Selva and Eduardo tried to recover Eduardo's memories (and fix your arm, woman!). Eduardo will get a marriage proposal... Meanwhile, Garcia and Raven have a bromance to raise funds to start a business. Grace investigated the war instigator, starting in Coimbra. She will talk to Dr. Torsche and Ulrik, before Simon Ayendes asked her to get him a freaking car...

3. New Character - Marchetti
Marchetti is Veronif's brother, and has some sort of relations to Garcia and Valeria. Enter the Institute of Science and Technology to start the quest.

He will have a unique magic stance using cube as weapon. Some skills deal damage over time to all foes within the area of effect. His personal skill reduces skill casting time.

4. New Character - Barrel
The potbelly strikes back! This pistol user has a unique stance [Cobra] using 2 pistols. As expected, he joined the team with Claude, Jose, and Alejandro.

With his personal skill, he can go into a drunken state to augment damage, critical, and movement speed. This seems to involve random debuffs on foes too.

5. Daily Friendship Quests
Village quests will start automatically when entering Kielce, just find the appropriate NPC. Find stolen books, collect minerals, fight pirates, collect materials to build ship, distribute flyers, and sell paintings. Friendship quests for Kielce Institute, Blood Navy, and Regulars will be added next time. 

6. Misc. 
Ancient statue will provide EXP buff. (Isn't this already implemented in sGE v10?) Coimbra Wall event will be added. 


Stevenn Cua said…
good day sir. do you know how to fix the problem "fail to download list file. this might be the communication problem. please restart client.


if you encountered this before and knows how to fix it then im in need of help. my GE is sg (rembrandt)thank you very much!! :)
Marjey Dayrit said…
You should disable your anti virus or firewall... This inhibits your revision txt files in ge folder... I incounter that too what I did is I un install the anti virus software...
xBelmontx said…
Lol? the kid with the cube is a boy? I thought that was a girl
Ashardalon said…
See Blue Moon Waltz for the new characters/stances -
Barrel + Cobra (v10.23.3)
Marchetti + Distortion Cube (v10.23.3)