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Alphabet Event

G1 has introduced a new event last week. Basically, monsters from all maps has a chance of dropping Alphabet Box (tradable). Opening the box will drop a random alphabet item (non-tradable) at equal rate. The event NPC in Reboldeaux will ask for 3 words (5 alphabets each). Completing each word gives one reward (player's choice), including Diamond Token (non-tradable) and Pose Book 11. Diamond Tokens can be used to buy special rewards, which will be changed over the course of the event. See The Seeker of Wisdom - Alphabet Event for more details.

According to G1-Raiden here, "The event is supposed to sustain itself for months." So there is no end-date for the event yet, but it can be expected to last a long time (while G1 struggles with game update). The funny thing is that this event encourages AFK, and actually kills off interest in raiding. But overall, I still think it is a good event. There is still no news on the next version update. I just hope that this event isn't supposed to be an apocalyptic event before the plug is pulled. In any case, I will track changes to the event below...

Update - Sep 18, 2012
The words are SWORD, EVORA, and BARON. The drop rate of Alphabet Box was vastly nerfed after 1 day. (See forum topic here.) The token shop consists of:
  • Sage Necklace - 1 Diamond Token 
  • Baby Pet Box (Black Dragon) - 5 Diamond Tokens
  • Iron Chef Panfilo Card - 10 Diamond Tokens
  • Soho the Fighter Card - 10 Diamond Tokens
  • Adelina the Pirate Card - 10 Diamond Tokens
  • Emilia the Sage Card - 10 Diamond Tokens
  • Battlesmith Idge Card - 10 Diamond Tokens
  • Ralph Card - 15 Diamond Tokens
  • Asoka Card - 20 Diamond Tokens
  • Sword of Ex Machina - 25 Diamond Tokens
  • Jaspard's Rifling Revolver - 25 Diamond Tokens
  • Miquelet Steam Bayonet - 25 Diamond Tokens
  • Pyrite Bangle - 25 Diamond Tokens
  • [Punisher] Manual - 30 Diamond Tokens
Some players have complained about the lack of stance books to accompany Asoka and Ralph. But strictly speaking, it is not really that big a problem. [Sect of Moonlight] stance book is already available at Emilia's shop for Symbol of Leo + 3 Great Stones. In the next patch (v9.5), [Shining Sting] stance book will be added to Emilia's shop for Symbol of Libra + 3 Great Stones.

Update - Sep 26, 2012
The words are QUEEN, STARS, and ORION. Double letters for all 3 words? Alphabet Box drop rate increased by 50%. Alphabet Boxes are also added to random cash shop boxes. See End of Summer forum topic for other details.
  • ATP/ICP/BSI/ETS/STF Card - 15 Diamond Tokens
  • Ralph Card - 20 Diamond Tokens
  • Asoka Card - 25 Diamond Tokens
  • All Weapons - 30 Diamond Tokens
  • Sage Necklace - 10 Diamond Tokens
  • [Punisher] Manual - 40 Diamond Tokens

Update - Oct 10, 2012
The new words are XYGON, FYLNO, and AZURA. New cash shop boxes can drop up to 10 Alphabet Boxes. [Source] Token Shop prices increased yet again. So whenever single-account players nearly had enough tokens to get an item, they increased the price further...
  • ATP/ICP/BSI/ETS/STF Card - 20 Diamond Tokens
  • Ralph Card - 30 Diamond Tokens
  • Asoka Card - 35 Diamond Tokens
  • All Weapons - 40 Diamond Tokens
  • [Punisher] Manual - 50 Diamond Tokens
  • Also added Ralph Box for 2 Diamond Tokens

Update - Oct 17, 2012
Added Dual-Structure Dagger and Highlander's Claymore (great sword) to Token Shop for 40 Diamond Tokens. See Maintenance Change Log.

Update - Oct 24, 2012
The new words are FRITZ, TOWER, and STONE. Meanwhile, Japan is also having this event since Oct 04. See GMピノッキの「アルファベットを探せ!」紹介 for details.

Halloween NPC Sierra is also collecting alphabets for selected words - HAPPY, CANDY, BOOO, SPOOKY, PUMPKIN, GHOST, SCARY, FOG, HALLOWEEN, and HOLIDAY. Her rewards are 1-12 Jeepers Creepers boxes (amount depending on length of word). These event boxes were first introduced during Halloween 2011.

Update - Nov 07, 2012
The new words are LATER, GREEN, and JAMES. Added Gear Gimmick Scimitar (sabre) and Iceberg Bangle (ice bracelet) to Token Shop for 40 Diamond Tokens. See Quinzel's Reverentia VII and Raiden's Defiance VII.

Update - Dec 05, 2012
The new words are MERRY, CHEER, and COMET. This is bull shit. Four weeks without change of words, and the new ones just have to continue using "E"... The Alphabet Boxes will stop dropping next week (Dec 12), but the NPC will remain to trade letters and tokens until Dec 26. Crossbow, knuckle, tome, and elemental bracelet will not be added to this event. [Source]

Update - Dec 12, 2012
Removed Alphabet Box from drop list of all monsters on Dec 13. [Source] Removed Expert and Master Explorer Packs from 4 and 5 letter rewards. Added Capitaine Costume (M/Fig), La Sensation Amicale Costume (Combat Catherine), Pose Book 11, and Rose Wing Coupon for 1 Diamond Token each. The new words are ROYAL, EXPAT, and PRIZE. Really, after 5 weeks of "E" and 4 weeks of "A", we get "E" again?


xBelmontx said…
Honestly, this look like a potential shutdown event to me, I have seen far too many of this style of events and normally it's never good if the rewards are this great and the time of the event is Indefinite.

So either:
A. G1 is going down, Tales Runner style.
B. They really are stalling the update as much as possible.
C.It's the end of the road.