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Granado Espada: Europe

According to 유럽 MMO가뭄에 '그라나도에스파다' 폭풍 예고!, IMC Games has signed a publishing agreement with RNTS Media GmbH, allowing them to set a new Granado Espada for Europe region. RNTS Media GmbH is the division of RNTS Media that focus on online game service and app publishing. (See RNTS Media Organization.) The article also mentions they are preparing for the end of the year.

So what does this mean for GamersFirst? Currently, Sword 2 is usually labeled as NA/EU (North American/European Union) service, as one of the 3 active servers is running in GMT time zone.

We know G1 is having contract issues with IMC, but any further information is kept from the player base. So in the light of IMC-RNTS agreement, what exactly is happening with G1? Did G1 lose the right to publish the game for Europe? Or did they have the license for only North America to begin with? As usual, G1 is still hushing things up. It is probably best if players can hear official statements directly from G1, instead of finding things out in a roundabout manner.

On a side note: What exactly is the relationship of Reloaded Games to G1? I wasn't aware of this Reloaded Games until recently.

Edit: I'm not sure why some readers ended up thinking G1 is adding a new European server... but that's not it at all. As mentioned in the comments, Reloaded Games has merged with K2 Network. Reloaded Games will cover both GamersFirst and Reloaded Productions. [Source]

The new EU server will be managed by RNTS Media, which shouldn't be related to G1 at all. RNTS Media is based in Germany, Netherlands, and Korea. Personally, I doubt G1 will suddenly start using IP blocks (since they never IP-blocked S.E. Asia whose publishing rights belong to IAHGames), but it remains to be seen what will happen to Illier server.


Sjhkitten said…
From what I can tell Reloaded Games and G1 have merged - I think Reloaded was the developer for APB, but I could be wrong about that. I'm getting this feeling that Reloaded may be the "bigger" company, since if you go to the G1 company information page, you get redirected to Reloaded Games's website, with a "GamersFirst portal." Perhaps G1 got bought out by Reloaded. This is, of course, all speculation.
Raspoutine said…
just what i found on the net

draugys said…
So this means europe will get a new server, managed by normal company, with the latest version of the game. I am in for this treat