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Journal - Raging Princess

The login server had some problems again, causing login failures with "wrong ID or password" errors. See here for forum topic on the issue. Sadly, returning to quarters will also trigger the failure, and we got locked out after finishing a raid. The same problem happened 4 months ago (see here).

Image from Sword Art Online Episode 1.

The game is still stuck at a dead-end... so nothing much happened. We just did a few raids here and there as usual, and got another Recipe - Elite Le Noir (Fig) and some recipes for crafted necklace and magic accessories.... but hardly anything sell these days anyway, and according to the forum here, it isn't just Orpesia server. This stalled game is already boring most existing players, so nobody really wants to spend extra hours in field raids due to competition and interferences among clans.

After some more runs in Castilla Mine to collect chips, Daedalus (Yeganeh) was promoted to Expert Lv.1, and Gloriana (F.Soldier) took over his role, reaching Veteran Lv.9. That was the only leveling we did lately...

After a few no-counts due to disconnections, we acquired [Curse of Goddess] medal. We also tried a bit of mining again, and [King of Miners] medal still seems impossible. Whatever, we would probably pass Legion Wars for a while, since it starts at a difficult time for us to be active anyway.

Sir Lyndon sent us to investigate a plague incident, and Veronif made an antidote for this unnatural disease. Then, despite Sir Lyndon's desire to keep it secret, Princess Gabriela still learnt about Valleria and went to confront Simon Ayende. The republican leader escaped, when the angry princess tried to arrest him. She then planned on returning to Vespanola to deal with the traitors.

Thereafter, Sir Lyndon decided to talk about state secrets at the open field fountain in Reboldeaux Queen's Gate, and was attacked by assassins as a result. Really, what was he thinking? To compensate for that stupidity, he scammed us of some Pioneer Seals and that was the end of it.

G1 imported Jack Space Bounty Hunter Event which will last until September 16, but most likely nobody really care about it anyway, especially since in this outdated version, you cannot buy your way through the level restrictions for lower level missions. 

G1 also released a new cash shop box series - Quinzel's Reverentia and Raiden's Defiance and Quinzel's Reverentia II and Raiden's Defiance II. The new items include War of Hero Costume (Claude), Gaura Costume (Karjalain), Black Pearl Costume (Adelina), Black Veil (Calyce), The Revolver of Justice (pistol), The Scythe of Death (polearm), La Mystere d'Obsidienne (blunt), Esperez de la Tourmaline (lightning bracelet), Angel Ezekiel's Zweihander (great sword), and Angel Israfel's Lute.


skiwi said…
Just reading something from this post...

What do you mean by "you can not buy your way through the lower level missions", can you please explain that?
Ashardalon said…
For example, Skeleton Dungeon BH mission has a level restriction of 100-115. In later version (e.g. sGE v10.5), you can pay 3,000 feso each time to bypass the limit, allowing you to bring masters for that mission. This is useful when you need to do a lower mission to reset a higher one, but do not have characters within the level restriction range.