[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Imperial Wheel V: May 2012

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated until June 01, 2012. The new items are featured below. Other items include [Soul Bringer] stance book, [Punisher] stance book, [Innocentio] stance book, General Plate metal armor (DR32 • DEF 232), Nero CromaOthelflight RifleAnsurflight BraceletWedding Dress Costume Set (F/Fig), Black Dragon Dagger Costume, and Soho the Wind Character Set.

Notice all the stupidly hard-to-get stance books are all in the web casino game?

Black Dragon Staff
Weapon Costume • Staff

Black Dragon Shotgun
Weapon Costume • Shotgun

Eolhlight Sabre
Sabre • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 325
ATK Speed +10%, Stun 7%

Niedlight Staff
Staff • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 325
Mind RES +10, Immunity +5, ATK Speed +10%, Max SP +20%

Urlight Tonfa
Tonfa • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 230
Accuracy +10, ATK Speed +10%

Rose of Sonora Costume Set
Body Costume + Hat • Elisa & Cadet Elisa
Click on right image for full-size view. [Source]

Blue Wish Wing (30 Days)
Back Costume • Any Character
ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, ATK +10%, Max. HP +2000, ATK vs. Human +15%, Penetration +5, Immunity +5
See also GMイゴールが新34等級武器の一部を紹介してみる.


Sacred said…
I'm more curious what kind of enchants are possible to get on those ar34 weapons... Same than standard devil/evil weapons or maybe will be possible to get ar?