Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Update Preview: Tora & Viki

IMC (Korea) has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 비키 익스퍼트 스탠스... New stance, new character, grind grind grind grind grind...

0. New Personal Skills
In addition, Summoner Catherine, Jack, Angie, and Yeganeh will also have new personal skills in v10.17.0. See 소환, 건설 직스 for screenshots.

See also Play Forum article - 신기술 장착한 소까, 훌륭한 지휘관으로 거듭나나.

1. New Expert Stance - [Trance Robo]
Viki will be getting a new Expert stance [Trance Robo] in v10.18.0. It allows him to summon golems from Viron Clock Tower. The stance also include a skill to buff the summoned monsters, including Auto Baron. The stance book will be available via quest.

2. New Character - Tora
Added a new character - Tora in v10.17.0. To recruit him, you must have completed Lisa's [Blitz Assault] quest, which in turn requires all sub-quests related to Adelina and Lisa. His unique stance is [Dark Avenger], using javelin + dagger. It is an offensive stance, with dash and throwing skills. It seems he will automatically get the stance at character creation.

See 토라스탠스 for screenshot of stance/skill details. Tora's base stats are STR 80, AGI 80, CON 70, DEX 40, INT 30, and CHA 30. See 토라 정보 for screenshot of character window.

 See also Play Forum articles - 토라 - 복수를 위해 스스로를 어둠으로 감싼 소년 for [Dark Avenger] stance, and 다크어벤져, 복수의 칼끝에서 뿜어져 나올 위력은 for Tora.

3. Bristia
After the death of Montoro, pioneers can visit Bristia's port-city to find out more on the history of the Three-Year War. Many soldiers from Bristia are hiding in the New World after the war.

Left to Right: Archduke Felipe, Queen Esperanza, Arch-wizard Hernandez

From Left to Right: Kes (eldest son), Kano (Kes' sister), a retired drunkard officer, 
Olivia (Bristia's new blood), a pub lady with connections, a war veteran, new military officers.

4. Next Update Preview
The next update preview will feature a new scout-only Expert stance.


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More on Trance Robo stance - stance details and summons.