[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Sword 190: Inactivity

We haven't been in Granado Espada much this week, as we decided to take a short break after the last weekend. It is getting really boring and repetitive. Everything becomes just a routine and habit. Once the routine is broken though, it seems there is usually much less motivation to logon again. Bleh. In the first place, as previously mentioned here, v8.5 doesn't have much to offer to begin with.

But really, the game needs something radically new and different, and not just new characters, stances, equipment, and raids. Training characters and stances are just plainly repetitive. The process of crafting, upgrading, and enchanting equipment is repetitive too. The cycle just repeats endlessly with higher and higher ATK/DEF Rating equipment or different equipment types. Even the current raid designs - bosses with hundreds of millions of hit points and one-hit knock-out attacks (if you lag or make one wrong move) - rail-road players into the same specific teams/roles. Frequent stupid drops, such as Pure Gold Bars from Lightning Gate roulette, just make it worse. With all these mindless repetitions, is it still entertaining? If not, it kind of defeats the purpose of a game.

Losing Sanity Points... 

So this blog will probably be seeing less posts until our interest in the New World is renewed. Comparing the intervals between previous updates, G1 would probably update sometime in June though. Some people have already migrated to the loli-land of TERA and elsewhere, but whatever.

We weren't online before maintenance, and we did a bit of passive training after maintenance. Vairocana (Ralph) reached Expert Lv.2, still slowly training his [Shining Sting] stance along with Ishtar's (Valeria) [Innocentio] stance. We refined and exchanged 161 Rough Stones, which yielded 2 HQ Spodumene and 2 HQ Obsidian. Not sure if it is a good rate, but whatever.

We didn't even feel like raiding or doing missions much lately as well. When we dragged ourselves to do them, we get the following...  There are some connection problems, probably with the router or ISP. And we still didn't get a response for the ticket we submitted last week.

We arrived 30 minutes late for our 12th official Legion War this week. There was a disconnection at the end, but this time the participation was counted by the system. So we finally acquired [Immortality] medal for 10 consecutive survivals, despite some invisible red-lollipop hit-and-runners. Gerard rewarded 6 AM's Boosts (Event) and 5 Expert G EXP Cards. It was 1 less Boost than before, so maybe it is for the overall loss. The event colony was occupied by the Royalists, so the Pegadilla Mercenaries will be joining the Republicans next week.

As predicted last week, G1 added Elephant Pet in a cash shop random box. The pet buff was improved though. For a quick comparison, see below. There probably isn't much point in getting the Elephant if you already have Black Dragon though.
  • [Red Tiger] ATK vs. Monster +10%, Penetration +5, Critical +5, Movement Speed  +10%,  Immunity +5, DEF +10
  • [Black Dragon] ATK vs. Monster +15%, Penetration +5, Critical +10, Movement Speed +10%, Accuracy +10 
  • [Elephant] ATK vs. Monster +10%, Penetration +5, Critical +10, Movement Speed +10%, ATK Speed +10%


wong tze yang said…
i so do agree... just sucks your soul to keep repeating the same things over and over again... furthermore items are so hard to get >.<
xBelmontx said…
You could come play league of legends with me? I can't say it is not repetitive but it is challenging
Ashardalon said…
league of legends is mostly pvp, isn't it? hm. not really interested in pointlessly beating each other up.
xBelmontx said…
Yea, that is true, I'm possibly going to start on tera in a few weeks from now i hope once i can set up the subscription.