[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Portmanteau VII

Sword of the New World has replaced Portmanteau VI with Portmanteau VII in the cash shop. The new boxes include the following items:
  • Spit Cliantes Costume (m/mus) - Andre's Portmanteau VII only
  • Kaelienalbno Costume (wiz) - Karj's Portmanteau VII only
  • Wild Layered Shaggy Hair (m/mus)
  • Fairy Wings (90 days)
  • Survival Manual - Expert (15 days)
  • Level 92 Enchantment Chips
  • Upgrade Accelerators
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chips
  • EXP Cards
  • Angler Spinelle
  • Pet Box (Panpan)
  • Great Stones
The following unreleased costumes/hairs are already inside v3.4 client, so we can probably expect them in future Portmanteau boxes.
  • Female Cow Suit - F/Basic [M&S]
  • Male Cow Suit - M/Basic [M&S]
  • Piernoente - Fig [96E]
  • Camaryllis - Mus [96E]
  • Inviardeco - Sco [96E]
  • Geniaruleano - Ele [96E]
For v3.4 hats and hairs, see the list of new items in Evora v3.4 Data.

Item of the Month: May 2010
The item of the month has been changed to 10 Ring Boxes. With 40% discount, the 10-box bundle now costs 897 Gold.