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GE-China 2010 Preview

GE-China 《新卓越之剑》 has introduced a preview for their upcoming patches in cGE official articles, 2010年中国地区更新计划揭晓 and 2010年开发展望. With the combined efforts of The9 and IMC Games, the future of GE has been laid out, allowing cGE to have faster updates. Tentatively, there will be a new patch every 1-2 months. The following preview is to let players know what to expect in 2010 for cGE.


The following is my translation of the 5 previews. Some names are English approximations at best. I will correct them as soon as there is an official English rendering of the name. This blog entry includes a few Chinese characters, in case you see gibberish and wonder what it is.

Automatic system, daily missions, Dark Emilia, Asoka, and new armors!
  • Automatic System: New system introduced to ease monotonous grinding. You can set the automatic system to search for monsters, use potions, use skills, feed pets, etc., allowing you to play while chatting or browsing the Internet...*
  • Daily Missions: You can gain level without grinding. Everyday, there are missions in each town to hunt specific monsters, find NPC, patrol the town, etc. for EXP and other rewards.
  • Upgrade System: Are you tired of being unlucky at upgrading equipment? Are you frustrated at being stuck at the bottle-neck of having only +9 weapons?** The new system will make it all easier!
  • Colony War: New system has no limitation. Once Colony War begins, all clans/factions/guilds can join in to capture a colony. Number of colonies has been revised, and different field maps have different colony maps. Chain colony system introduced.
  • New Characters: Dark Emilia (Reckless Emilia) and Asoka are available for recruitment.
  • New Armors: Against greater evil, Elite Le Noir is helpless. New armors (Greek Kroma) will be available.
  • Holy Water Chamber: Holy Water Chamber raid mission will be added.
  • Abyss of Death: In the Land of the Dead, a gate emits the mists of death, leading to the abyss where the 4 elemental kings and a dark demon king resides.
  • Constellation Stances: New expert stances added for wizard (Darkness), elementalist (Magic of Occultism/Occultism Assistance), and scout (Enhanced Tactics).
Note (*): Uh, I assume this is a cGE-specific client feature...
Note (**): What the **** is wrong with these gamers who complain about having only +9 weapons?


Catherine revived? A plot in Dr. Torsche's Mansion? Recruit Catherine Torsche, have more constellation stances, expert accessories, and uncover the secret of the Otite of Wind.
  • Recruit Real Catherine: Catherine Torsche was kidnapped by the Ten Nobles who faked her death and brain-washed her into becoming a heartless assassin.
  • Torsche's Mansion Basement: Return to Dr. Torsche's Mansion and enter its basement mission to uncover the secret of the Otite of Wind and stop the secret plot of the Ten Nobles.
  • Constellation Stances: New expert stances will be added for lute (Prelude), cannon (Demolition Burst), shotgun (Superior Blaster), and blunt (Crusader).
  • Expert Accessories: New expert-exclusive accessories - rings, earrings, belts, gloves, and boots.

The princess Valeria arrives. Prepare to pioneer the New World in Castilla! Explore the Greek-styled ancient ruins.
  • Recruit Valeria: Princess Grabriella's twin sister has been imprisoned since her youth for political reasons. Free and save the princess!
  • Castilla: The discovery of Castilla has been hushed up for 50 years. Now the Queen has sent for a 2nd expedition to Castilla. Explore the beach, the mines, and the Greek-styled ruins to uncover the mysteries of Castilla.
  • Constellation Stances: New expert stances will be added for polearm (Tronada Cruz), sabre (Bloody Feast), and crossbow* (???).
Note (*): It looks like the next stance to be revealed will be for crossbow...


Expand pioneering efforts to the west of the New World. Unseal the devil's armor! The battle between good and evil!
  • New Character: 格兰蒂斯 (Gelandis?), an experienced noble whose silhouette alone is charming enough to make girls drop their panties*, will be available for recruitment. He is indispensable in the fight against the devil.
  • Devil's Citadel: After Bahamar and Caebolan, the pioneering efforts expand westward. Do the ancient gods reside in the old citadel? It has become the den of evil, where the fight has never ceased!
  • Devil's Armor: Banned by the church, crafted with demonic crystals, and built with seductive features.** The armor is said to be infused with the devil's soul, causing the user to sink into darkness and become the devil's puppet.
Note (*): Okay, the article didn't exactly mention panties... but the meaning is close enough. He is supposed to be a handsome dude who mesmerizes young women.
Note (**): The picture placed next to this part is the concept art for Blue Serpent costumes. Maybe it is a new armor series based on the costumes, not unlike how the costume versions (e.g. Olga Patricia, Rose Patricia) of Greek Kroma were introduced way before the armor series itself.


Join the 4th character promotion! New raid mission! Ancient divine weapons revealed!
  • High Master Promotion: The 4th character promotion of High Master* will be available, providing more AR/DR, HP, and Max SP. You can freely assign stat points.
  • 贝拉斯特斯 (Bellastes?): This place is full of mysteries, containing the secrets of the ancient civilization. Even the royal guards have been sent from countries thousands of miles away to seize its secrets.
  • Divine Weapons: Divine weapons from the ancient civilization reappears in the New World. Rumored to have the power to slice through space/reality, these weapons are so glorious that even constellation weapons appear pale before them.
Note (*): The 4th promotion level is called High Master (宗师), as confirmed in the promotion scroll already listed inside existing datatable_item_etc.ies file (v3.4). The 5th promotion is called Grand Master (大宗师?). For references, the existing promotion levels in cGE are called 精英 (Veteran), 专家 (Expert), and 大师 (Master).



rhamon cesar said…
GE-China will have soooo many cool stuff...
Why sGE it's so stuck in time?

Maki said…
holy update... wtf! first those kill mob rewards are awesome NOW FREE EXP CARDS!!!! FUUUUUU <.<

why do i.. bah, brb learn Chinese langauge
Eugen said…
Bah, Granado become worser and worser...
Where is oldschool clockpunk spirit? =|
Maki said…
it got thrown out when people needed to spend moar tiem outside lulz
mooferz said…
Soooo... basically China is implementing a botting program into their game, lol.

I'm interested about the new character though.